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Monday, December 28, 2009

Israeli woman injured by firebomb thrown at bus

An Israeli woman sustained second degree burns on Sunday from a firebomb that was thrown at the bus in which she was riding near the Jewish town of Negohot, south of Hebron in Judea.
The 18-year-old woman suffered second degree burns after the flaming bottle made contact with her bus on the main road leading to the isolated settlement of Nagahot, near South Mount Hebron.


Until recently, Israel had restricted Palestinian movement on the road leading up to Nagahot due to security reasons. The High Court of Justice recently ruled that movement must be eased for Palestinians, despite the Israel Defense Forces' concerns.

That ruling has not yet gone into effect, however. Security forces are currently combing the area in search of the perpetrator.
Speaking of which... the 'Supreme Court' decided on Sunday to reroute the 'security fence' leaving two more Jewish communities on the 'Palestinian' side of it.
Residents of Shaarei Tikva and Oranit in western Samaria had been confident that they would be spared having to live beyond the barrier. Arabs and foreign supporters have pushed for the barrier to be re-routed along the “Green Line” that served as the border between Israel and Jordan for 19 years prior to the 1967 Six-Day War,.

The court order will also strongly impact the nearby Jewish towns of Elkana and Etz Ephraim, which will now form an isolated narrow enclave separate from other communities in western Samaria. The Defense Ministry also will be forced to build a special access road to the Jewish towns.
But every time 'Palestinian' communities end up isolated like that, the court orders the fence route changed.

What a country! The 'Supreme Court' decides how to secure us and the army acts as a police force. The country's in good hands. What could go wrong?


At 9:19 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel's leftist Supreme Court is trying to unilaterally give virtually all of Yesha to Abu Bluff!

What could go wrong indeed


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