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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Israeli pleads guilty to publishing classified US intel on Israel

Israeli anti-Israel Leftist Shamai Leibowitz, who used to defend ISM 'activists' from deportation, has pleaded guilty to turning over classified American documents to a blogger who then dumped them all over the Internet.

Unfortunately, Leibowitz got a much shorter sentence than Jonathan Pollard: He's been sentenced to a year and eight months in jail.
An Israeli lawyer and left-wing activist who worked as a linguist for the FBI has pleaded guilty to leaking classified documents to a blogger who posted the information online.

Officials say 39-year-old Shamai Kedem Leibowitz of Silver Spring, Md., admitted giving secret documents to the unidentified host of the Web site.

The FBI says Leibowitz held a top security clearance for his work as a linguist, and in April of this year gave the blogger documents about U.S. communication intelligence activities.

Officials would not say what the information was or where it appeared online.

Leibowitz has described himself "an Israeli-American attorney, admitted in New York and in Israel" and "a certified Hebrew-English translator and interpreter," according to the Web site Politico, which also reported that Leibowitz previously garnered attention for working on the defense team of jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti.
Private Investigator Bill Warner thinks he knows where Leibowitz published the documents, but the blogger in question denies it.

If Warner is correct, Leibowitz published classified American information about Israel on a pro-'Palestinian' blog. Hmmm.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This schmuck is the grandson of the late so-called "rabbi" Yeshayahu Leibowitz, of despicable memory - good-riddance!

May they both rot in this world and the world to come.


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