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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Iranians claim Sejil 2 missile has radar evading capabilities

Last week, I reported on an Iranian test of a new model Sejil-2 missile. The Pentagon dismissed the test as nothing new, but now the Iranians are claiming that what's new about this model isn't its range: It's the radar evading capabilities.
"The special paint (coating material), the substance used in the shell and some special electronic devices used in the missile are the main three factors giving a radar-evading capability to the missile," Farahi told FNA on Saturday.

"The optimized missile is one of the important achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran's defense experts which plays a significant role in increasing the deterrence power of the Iranian Armed Forces," he added.

Farahi said that the Iranian defense and academic experts have used radar-evading coatings in this kind of missile, which renders enemy's missile defense systems unable to intercept Sejjil 2 missiles.
I wonder if they put a Koran inside it too.

If this were really true, would they be bragging about it? Well, since it's the Iranians, maybe yes....


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