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Friday, December 25, 2009

IDF defused roadside bomb on Route 443

Remember Route 443? It's back in the news again.

According to the IDF spokesperson's office, Following explosions heard on road 443 on December 17, IDF and border patrol forces searched the area of the village Bir Neballah, south of Ramallah. During the searches, the forces uncovered a roadside bomb, attached to the bomb was a note with instructions on how to use the device in order to cause maximum damage and a message attributing it to a Palestinian terrorist unit. Upon discovery, the device was detonated in a controlled manner by the bomb squad.

Below is the message that was discovered and two pictures of the bomb. The message is signed by the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, which belong to the 'good terrorists' of Fatah. You know, our 'peace partners'....

Sure, a healthy economy will make them give up terrorism. Someday....

JPost adds:
The IED was created from a gas balloon and firecrackers. Attached to the explosive was a sketch of how and where the Palestinians planned to plant the bomb on the side of the road, causing the most amount of damage as possible.

The sketch also included the wording: "Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, the Alla Abu Sharifa Unit", in an apparent reference to the terror group behind the attack.

Road 443 connects Jerusalem with Modi'in and Tel Aviv, and is under heavy IDF and Border Police security. There are occasional stoning and Molotov cocktail attacks on the road from surrounding Palestinian villages.

IDF sources said that they would continue operating against Palestinian terrorists that are targeting Israeli civilians and security forces.

In recent months, the IDF has noted a slight increase in attempts by Palestinians to carry out terror attacks in the West Bank.
Time to get off 443 again?


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