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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Egypt doesn't like the 'Gaza Freedom March'

I got some interesting tweets from the people running the 'Gaza Freedom March' (actually some are re-tweets from an Egyptian named Sandmonkey whom I follow). The Egyptians are at least as sick of the 'internationals' and the 'Palestinians' as we are, but unlike us, they're willing to do something about it.

Here's a series of Tweets I got from Sandmonkey over the last couple of hours (in reverse chronological order):

If a moonbat gets beaten and there's no media there to cover it, does it still count?

Meanwhile, a second 'convoy' being led by British nutjob George Galloway and his 'Viva Palestina' group has finally given up on cutting across the Sinai from Nuweiba, and has returned to the Jordanian port of Aqaba from which it will sail to Latakia in Syria (which ought to require transiting the Suez Canal) and then to the Egyptian port of El Arish for transit to Gaza the 'World's largest concentration camp.'

Galloway tried to take a shortcut into Gaza by entering through the port of Nuweiba, despite being told by the Egyptians that he must enter through El-Arish, on the Mediterranean coast.

The convoy left Aqaba, Jordan on Monday after being stuck there since Thursday, when it became clear that days of attempts by Galloway to manipulate international leaders and the media were unsuccessful.

A spokesman for the 450 European and Arab members of the convoy, Zaher Birawi, told the AFP news agency, “After talks between the Turkish government’s envoy and the Egyptian consulate in Aqaba, we agreed to go to Syria.”

Jordanian trade union spokesman Maysara Malas, who has been helping Galloway, added, “We hope that Egypt does not put up more obstacles. It is unfortunate that Israel has interfered in Egypt’s decision, which serves the Zionist entity.”

The convoy will head for Latakia, a Syrian port on the Mediterranean, before proceeding to El-Arish, as they were originally instructed to do by Egypt.

“Egyptian authorities have given a very hostile reception to the convoy,” complained Viva Palestina participant Anton Abagama. “They are not willing to negotiate; they are not willing to even think of any alternative… Egypt is being pressured from two sides, by Israel and by the U.S., to take the stand they are taking.”

As you can see from the pictures I've interspersed (you can find more of them here), the Gazans are really desperate for all this 'humanitarian aid.' /Not

Meanwhile, back in Cairo, 85-year old Hedy Epstein, a self-hating Jew who describes herself as a 'Holocaust survivor,' even though she spent the entire war in Britain and not in a concentration camp, has gone on a hunger strike to protest the Egyptian treatment of the 'aid convoy.'
American Hedy Epstein and some 1,400 participants in the Gaza Freedom March planned to travel to Gaza this week, to press Israel to lift its blockade on the anniversary of last year's IDF offensive against Hamas in Gaza. Delegates from 42 countries were stopped in Cairo and denied entry via the Rafah crossing by Egyptian authorities.

"I started this morning, and I've been drinking water," Epstein told The Jerusalem Post at around 4:30 p.m. local time by telephone from Cairo, where participants gathered to await passage to the Rafah crossing and Gaza. Saying she would drink orange juice if she felt weak, Epstein said that so far, she was "feeling fine."

A longtime civil rights activist, she added: "I've come to a point in my life where I think I need to do something else to [draw] attention."

Epstein, who was born in Germany, fled the Nazis on a Kindertransport at age 14 and lived in England during World War II. Her parents died in the Holocaust.

"I am a survivor of the Holocaust," she said. "It's not the same experience as mine, but suffering is suffering," she said of the people living in Gaza. "When people are suffering, it comes upon the rest of us to try to do whatever we can."
No, it's not the same experience, and living in Gaza and having the world shower 'aid money' on you is a hell of a lot different than what the real Holocaust survivors went through in the concentration camps, isn't it? Try subsisting on half a potato for a couple of days or getting through a Polish winter without shoes.

By the way, one of the other organizers of this 'march' is Code Pink's Medea Benjamin. I know a lot of you in the US are hoping that the Egyptians will keep her. Maybe Libya could be convinced to take her - it's not far away. I wonder if she's planning to wear a burka into the Gazan Caliphate.

And guess who sent the moonbats a letter of support?
"We're all slightly disappointed. We thought we'd be crossing into Gaza tomorrow," said Max Ajl, a media coordinator for the march. Ajl said delegates had hoped to be in Gaza by Tuesday, and that there was still a possibility they'd get there eventually, citing support from US lawmakers, including, he said, from Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. In a December 23 letter not addressed to any one party, the senator expressed "strong support for the humanitarian delegation" traveling from his state.

According to Ajl: "We are delayed, we are stalled, but we think we can get moving again."
I'd suggest they get moving straight back to their homes.



At 5:18 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

They forgot Egypt is a sovereign country and they really expected the Mubarak regime would want to strengthen the Gaza branch of the Muslim Brotherhood? There's a reason the Egyptians are building that wall along their border and its not because they love the Palestinians. And while they loathe Israel, the average Egyptian isn't too fond of the Western moonbats who come in and tell them what to do in their own country.



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