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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bloggers grade Obama's foreign policy

David Kopel reports on a group of political bloggers that graded President Obumbler's foreign policy.
This week’s National Journal poll of political bloggers asked for a grade for President Obama’s foreign policy. The average grade from the Left was a C. From the Right, it was a D-. I gave him the highest grade of any voter, which was a B, and explained: “Finally did the right thing on the Afghanistan surge. His most important speech to the world — in Oslo — was magnificent. Badly mishandled Honduras at the start by opposing the lawful removal of Zelaya, but no long-term harm was done.” Next year’s grade might be much lower, in that the shared Clinton-Bush-Obama policy of all talk and no action about Iran’s nuclear weapons development may get to the terminal point of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.
No one asked me, but I would have given him an F. He's totally blown it on both Iran and the Middle East. He's allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons while twiddling his thumbs about 'engagement' and 'dialogue.' Here at home, he managed to end all negotiations between us and the 'Palestinians' with his outrageous demands for a 'settlement freeze.'

I just hope Netanyahu hasn't lost the nerve to defy him.

What could go wrong?


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