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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Warped thinking

On the Congressional blog, Dennis Kucinich decries the (surprisingly) overwhelming approval of the House resolution against the Goldstone Report on Tuesday (Hat Tip: Red Tulips).
The resolution before us today, which would reject all attempts of the Goldstone Report to fix responsibility of all parties to war crimes, including both Hamas and Israel, may as well be called the "Down is Up, Night is Day, Wrong is Right" resolution.

Because if this Congress votes to condemn a report it has not read, concerning events it has totally ignored, about violations of law of which it is unaware, it will have brought shame to this great institution.

How can we ever expect there to be peace in the Middle East if we tacitly approve of violations of international law and international human rights, if we look the other way, or if we close our eyes to the heartbreak of people on both sides by white-washing a legitimate investigation?

How can we protect the people of Israel from existential threats if we hold no concern for the protection of the Palestinians, for their physical security, their right to land, their right to their own homes, their right to water, their right to sustenance, their right to freedom of movement, their right to the human security of jobs, education and health care?
Maybe Kucinich hasn't read the Goldstone Report, but Howard Berman obviously did.

By the way Dennis, are you going to read Nancy Pelosi's Obamacare bill (which is four times as long) before you vote in favor? Just wondering....

As to the 'Palestinians,' they have made their own mess and now they can lie in it. Protecting them will bring no protection to Israel - just the opposite.


At 3:18 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If Goldstone had been a truly fair-minded inquiry there would have been no need for Congress to weigh in. Since it wasn't as well as for other reasons, it rightly deserved to be condemned.


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