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Monday, November 23, 2009

Obama messes up big time in Japan

Big Government is reporting that although the American media is ignoring it, President Obumbler has messed up big time in Japan. Japan has joined Israel, England, Colombia, Honduras, France and other one-time allies who have gotten the Obama treatment.
In another slight to Japan, a Japanese ruling party spokesman noted that it was obvious to them that Obama was more interested in China on this trip anyway as four days were scheduled for the Communists while only two were scheduled for them.

The magazine notes that Obama was left waiting in a car for five minutes at the entrance to the Prime Minister’s Official Residence and this may have been a message of rebuke sent to Obama by Japanese officials for the president’s abrupt change of schedule.

Shukan Bunshun magazine also notes that while the Japanese had “a total of 14 officials, including six cabinet ministers, the Foreign Minister Okada, the Defense Minister Kitazawa,” the president’s retinue only consisted of members of “Team Obama” and no other American officials of high standing. This was taken as a message that Obama did not consider this meeting very important.

Consequently, after the meeting with Japanese officials, PM Hatoyama immediately left Japan for the APEC Summit essentially leaving Obama alone on Japanese soil even though Obama had several other high profile visits to wrap up in Japan. Japanese journalist Michael Yu noted that this was a message that Hatoyama did not feel much respect for Obama since, as host, he essentially abandoned his guest, President Obama, and flew off to Singapore.

The Japanese magazine characterizes this visit as the “worst” one ever.
Read the whole thing.

Maybe Obama should just stay home from now on. I mean, there's nothing he could screw up in Washington, is there? What could go wrong?


At 2:58 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Obama went out his of way to insult the Japanese. What was that again about treating other countries with respect? Obama seems to have a penchant for offending both friends and enemies equally alike.



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