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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NY Times op-ed writer paid by Arab countries?

During the night on Monday night, I mentioned an op-ed by Henry Siegman that appeared in Monday's New York Times. The always anti-Israel Siegman argued that there is no peace in the Middle East because Israel irrationally refuses to return to the suicidal 1949 armistice line.

At The American Thinker, Ed Lasky explains that Siegman is a paid shill for certain Arab governments.
What motivates Siegman? How about money?

The New York Sun examined Siegman a few years ago and noted that he is the senior fellow and director, U.S./Middle East Project at the Council of Foreign relations. They noted that all his writings are indistinguishable from Arab propaganda and then looked at who were his benefactors.

[W]hy would the Council on Foreign Relations, a New York-based American institution, fund this "expert" at the level of $204,151 in salary and benefits, making him, in the most recent year for which tax returns are available, its fourth-highest paid employee? It turns out that much of the funding for the Council's "U.S./Middle East Project" comes from overseas, including the European Commission, the government of Norway, Kuwaiti and Saudi businessmen, a Lebanese politician, and, for one year, an official of the commercial arm of the Palestinian Authority, Munib Masri.

Siegman's writing of an earlier anti-Israel column in the International Herald Tribune prompted the examination by the Sun into his compensation. The Sun queried the editor of the Herald Tribune about Siegman and the source of his pay. The editor (Serge Schmemann) says the paper never asked about, and Siegman, never mentioned where his money was coming from. Bu the Sun informed them that he was basically a paid PR agent and promoter of propganada.

Why is this relevant? Because the Herald Tribune is owned by the New York Times. Did anyone at the Times already know about Siegman's history? Or care?

One more point. Siegman is also a member of J Street, the new anti-Israel lobby posing as a pro-Israel lobby that the newspaper of record has been trying to promote as being moderate and supportive of Israel. The paper neglected to mention this association. J Street is also connected to George Soros, who has a long record of hostility towards Israel. J Street's leadership has admitted that it wants to serve as Obama's blocking back with the Jewish community in America (i.e., to further Obama's agenda).

Seems like the "paper of record" shares those goals. Similar to Siegman's op-ed, it is biased propaganda masquerading as something else.
Given the Times' history, that shouldn't surprise anyone.


At 7:49 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Debbie Schlussel has shown how the press is tainted by taking money from corporations whose connections it does not disclose to readers. The same can equally be said of the columnists that appear in its pages and they are seldom disinterested as they seem. In every case the old true and trite adage still holds true: "follow the money."

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

There's something else about him. He has a Bachelor's Degree from the New School. (According his Wikipedia article, he also has a BA in Math and Semicha from YU.)

Now I ask you how many experts, get to be experts without at least achieving a graduate degree? Siegman has become an expert because he propounds all the PC stuff about the Arab world. Now we know why.


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