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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Israel and Iran competing for influence in Latin America

The Times of London reports that Israel and Iran are competing for influence in Latin America. Here's the most disturbing part of the report.
Washington is clearly alarmed by Iran’s inroads in the region. Hillary Clinton had barely been sworn in as Secretary of State when she signalled her concern about Tehran’s ambitions, claiming that it was making “disturbing gains” on the continent.

The main focus of concern is Venezuela, where Iran’s critics claim that President Chávez has opened his country’s doors to militants from the Middle East.

Some claims seem hard to believe, such as terrorist camps on the tourist island of Margarita or Venezuelan uranium smuggled to Tehran on commercial flights, or even the use of Iranian bicycle and tractor factories as fronts for nuclear activity.

Mr Chávez has deflected some of the more unlikely allegations with his bombastic wit, recently jibing on his weekly television show that he had taken delivery of his new “atomic bicycle”.

Although Venezuela has extensive uranium resources, experts believe that Caracas is not yet technically competent to extract them. And, they point out, Iran has a healthy supply of uranium on its own soil. What appears more likely is that Iran is helping Venezuela with its own nuclear ambitions. Mr Chávez has made no secret of his desire to establish Venezuela as a nuclear power, though, he insists, for energy purposes only.
And then there's this little tidbit:
Oct 2009 [Should be November. CiJ] Israeli Navy seizes ship it says was carrying weapons from Iran to Syria, including ammunition boxes with Spanish writing.
What could go wrong?


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