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Friday, November 06, 2009

Iran's Latin American outpost

Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has accused Venezuelan President and Obama buddy Hugo Chavez of turning Venezuela into an Iranian outpost.
"The scope of the Iranian regime does not end in the Middle East. It is global, and also reaches Africa and Latin America," Ayalon said during a press briefing to diplomats and journalists at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, a Jerusalem-based think tank.

In Latin America, "most countries are not only aware" of the "threat posed by the infiltration of Iran" in the region but "they are also concerned" about it, said the "second in command" in Israeli diplomacy, Efe reported.

Ayalon also warned about the "implications and the danger to world security and peace" posed by the "fanatical regime" in Tehran.
And Obama is going to 'engage' with Chavez too.... What could go wrong?


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