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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yes, there is 'Palestinian' organ trafficking

It looks like Donald Bostrom and Aftonbladet were correct. There are 'Palestinians' organs being trafficked after all... in Jordan.
Ali, a 30-year-old Jordanian father of three, was without a job and desperate. A friend convinced him that selling one of his kidneys could improve conditions for his family and also save someone's life.

So he flew to Egypt earlier this year, had a kidney removed, and was paid 5,000 dollars. But it was a Faustian bargain.

'I regret it with all my heart. I don't know what I was thinking,' Ali told AFP. 'I got all 5,000 dollars after I donated the kidney, but I did not see or know the person I gave my kidney to.

'Now I know I made a bad mistake out of ignorance. I don't have a job, and poverty and hard conditions blinded me to what I was doing.'

Ali was just one of dozens of cash-strapped people in Jordan who sold a kidney to brokers who prey on the poor.


According to a recent government study of 130 cases in which kidneys were sold, nearly 80 percent of 'donors' were Palestinians from Baqaa in northwest Amman, the largest refugee camp in the country.

Most were under the age of 31, lived in absolute poverty and had no criminal record.
Snapshots expresses confidence that Aftonbladet, which has a serious interest in 'Palestinian' organ trafficking, will take up this story as well.

Don't hold your breaths. If the perpetrators aren't Jewish (or cannot be claimed to be Jewish), no one is interested.


At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I regret it with all my heart."


At 1:03 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

If its not a Jew, its not an outrage and not a capital crime.


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