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Monday, October 12, 2009

Turkey: There's a chill in the air

In light of Turkey's cancellation of its participation in the Anatolian Eagle exercise, Israel has decided to review its arms sales to Turkey.

It is also possible that Israel will stop supporting Turkey's position on the Armenian genocide - support that never really made sense. That decision could be irrelevant anyway (but may not be) in light of Turkey's and Armenia's decision last week to restore diplomatic relations and open their borders.
According to defense officials, several Turkish requests are currently under consideration by the Defense Ministry's Foreign Defense Assistance and Defense Export Organization (SIBAT). These will now need to be reviewed due to the change in the diplomatic ties between Jerusalem and Ankara.

"This is a country that appears to be distancing itself from the West and there could be repercussions," one official said, adding that in the 1970s, Israel sold Iran military equipment up until the Islamic Revolution.

The officials would not reveal which new military platforms Turkey had requested.
This review is long overdue. You may recall that several months ago, I reported on concern that Syria would gain access to Israeli and American military technologies as a result of joint military exercises that Turkey was conducting with Syria. There is no way we should risk having our military technology - or America's - fall into the hands of Syria or Iran or Hezbullah.

Israel's foreign ministry is attempting to downplay the controversy with Turkey out of fear of pushing it into the arms of Iran. I'm afraid that Turkey is already in Iran's embrace (and Syria's - see the picture above).

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At 11:55 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Turkey has been a lost cause for some time. The cancellation of Anatolian Eagle only illustrates it and there is nothing Israel can do to get Turkey to moderate its positions. Kemalism is dead in Turkey, even in its armed forces. Its more like a deep freeze and that's likely to last for a long time to come.


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