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Friday, October 30, 2009

Peres puppeteering J Street?

Israel Behind the News' David Bedein is warning that J Street is being puppeteered by Israel's Oslo-dreaming President Shimon Peres in an effort to revive the failed 'peace process.'
In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Bedein said that he and his team are in the US capital to talk to members of congress and expose the lies that J-Street has been spreading lately. “This organization is a kind of umbrella group of all the leftist NGOs that decided they would like to breathe life into the Oslo process. The Peres Center for Peace is behind this whole network. The Peres Center for Peace moderated most of the discussions in the recent J-Street convention and their aim is to get as many congressmen as possible to support the continuation of the Oslo process.”

Bedein said that he is encountering congressmen who have a “thirst” for reliable information about Israel and that in meetings with them, he has been trying to refute various theories that J-Street is promulgating. “They keep trying to peddle the illusion that the Fatah is still a partner for peace,” he explained. “Their vision is of a continuation of the Oslo process and the establishment of a Palestinian state regardless of whether or not there is peace.”

“We are here in Washington to brief congressmen about the reality on the ground,” Bedein said. “We show them videos and books by the Palestinian Authority that prove that Fatah is not a moderate element but a militant one, that is constantly inciting against Israel.”
My only question about this is that I am not sure that even Shimon Peres is as far Left as J Street.

He might fit in with the leadership, but not with the one-stater rank and file.


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