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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New sticker: IDF cleans up after the 'dove of peace'

The grassroots organization Matot Arim has issued a new bumper sticker in which an IDF soldier cleans up after the 'dove of peace.'
The sticker states: "When the dove of peace comes flying, guess who has to clean up after it?" The sticker shows an IDF soldier carrying what appears to be a "pooper scooper," which he apparently intends to use to clean up the "mess" left behind by the "dove of peace."

Organization officials said that the sticker was the result of a contest it ran about a month and a half ago, which invited thousands of activists to submit sticker design ideas that would illustrate the statement that former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon said: "Each time politicians bring the 'bird of peace' here, the IDF has to clean it up."

Now, in light of the Goldstone report crisis and with pressure rising on Israel to once again engage in the "peace process," Mattot Arim has announced the winning entry, which was submitted by Menachem Yerenberg of Beit Shemesh. As winner, he gets a prize of 1,800 shekels ($405).


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