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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Government to defend Israelis charged with 'war crimes'

It's about time.
The security cabinet decided Tuesday to appoint the Justice Ministry to set up a special unit that would legally defend Israelis who are being threatened with prosecution abroad over "war crime" charges, stemming from their work in defending Israel. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu also urged government officials to seek ways to influence governments abroad with laws that allow prosecution of war crimes to explain Israel's position, and to convince them to differentiate between Israel's defensive actions and true terror, such as acts committed by Hamas and Hezbollah.

"Our struggle entails delegitimizing the groups that work for the delegitimization of Israel. The sphere we are working in is an important one – the sphere of public opinion in the world's democracies. We must battle the lies that are being spread by the Goldstone report," Netanuyahu said.
The picture is Nizar Riyyan, the Mufti of Izzadein al-Kassam. He was killed during Operation Cast Lead along with members of his family who refused to leave him, hoping their presence would save them or that they would die with him. That's called using civilians as human shields. But the Mufti has gone to get his virgins and it is the Israelis who will likely be charged with the 'war crimes.'


At 6:11 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The man who blocked an Israeli inquiry to follow up on Goldstone was none other than Defense Minister Ehud Barak. I think he took the correct stand. Israel must not admit Goldstone's libelous charges against the Jewish merit the instigation of a witch hunt into its army. No matter what Israel might give a world demanding its pound of Jewish flesh, it will never be enough. What is needed now is a good offense.


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