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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Goldstone's favorite court in action

It was just last week that Professor Richard Goldstone, principal author of the infamous report that bears his name, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Hamas has a 'court system' and that he believed that it could look into war crimes perpetrated by Hamas in Gaza during (since his mandate doesn't cover prior to or war crimes that Hamas perpetrated against Israelis) Operation Cast Lead. Here's an example of that 'court system' in action.
The Military Court of the de facto government in Gaza issued the decision to hang 27-year-old Salim Muhammad Salim An-Nabahin of the Al-Bureij Refugee Camp for collaboration with Israel.

An-Nabahin was arrested on 28 December 2007 on charges of spying and “dealing with the enemy” under article 131/A/B of the Palestinian Penal Code and article 415 Palestinian Criminal Procedure Code number 3 (2001). He was sentenced Wednesday by Judge Ayman Imad Ad-Din.

Reacting to the verdict the Palestinian Center for Human Rights urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not to ratify the sentence. A statement from the organization also noted that the 1979 Palestinian Penal Law "is the Revolutionary Penal Code of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). It is unconstitutional within the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) as it has not been presented to, nor approved by, the legislature."
I'm amazed that this guy is still alive. But note a few things about 'Palestinian human rights.' Note that the PCHR has no problem with executing 'collaborators' but only with the fact that the law is 'unconstitutional' because it hasn't been ratified by the legislature. Nothing about executions without any real due process being inherently wrong. Nothing about evidentiary standards.

Will Abu Bluff approve the execution? I suspect that 'vigilantes' from Hamas or maybe even Fatah (since he's accused of 'collaborating' with Israel) will take that decision out of Abu Mazen's hands.

Great court system, eh Richard?


At 8:11 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Left is now on record as supporting a Palestinian court system that imposes the death penalty for a wide range of offenses.

But Israel's court system which doesn't, isn't "balanced enough" in their eyes.

With a finding like that to them from Goldstone, what could go wrong indeed

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

According to Mr. Goldstone's report the Palestinians are the victim in the operation CaSst Lead, however lets not forget that Hamas, who is ruling Gaza these days, is a highly organized and well-armed group that considers 'armed struggle' against Israel to be its primary mission.


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