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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Goldstone Report at the Human Rights Council: The UN Blood Libel

Anne Bayefsky sent me a link to the video of the 'Human Rights Council' hearing about the Goldstone Report that you are about to watch. The hearing took place last Tuesday in Geneva. Here's part of what she wrote in her email:
This video contains footage of the Council's consideration of the Goldstone report. Lining up to congratulate Goldstone are some of the world’s leading human rights abusers. They understood the report as granting a license to declare Israel guilty of a "holocaust," "concentration camps," "genocide," and "crimes against humanity."

Also in the video are statements by Israel's accusers which illustrate the political agenda behind the Goldstone mission.

The video includes Anne Bayefsky's response to Goldstone during his "dialogue" with states and non-governmental organizations at the Council, and Goldstone's Israel/South African apartheid analogy as an answer to her cricitism. While the President of the Human Rights Council castigates Bayefsky for her remarks, he has no difficulty thanking Israel's attackers for their hate-filled demonization of the Jewish state.
What Bayefsky didn't say in the email was that she ripped Goldstone some new body parts. She's great in this video. Unfortunately, she didn't change the predictable outcome.

Let's go to the videotape.


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

I submitted this down below, and it relates here, also:

Just curious how the Euros can threaten to arrest Israeli leaders and not threaten to arrest Clinton, Clarke, and the misc. NATO people in charge of chucking bombs from 15k ft over Serbia... not that I'm saying that was the wrong approach, but it certainly wasn't pinpoint accuracy to avoid civilian casualties. I think the Euros go along with this anti-Israel stuff because 1) they have an endless soul-eating sickness (anti-semitism) and 2) they can't keep up with Israel technologically and are trying to thow any impediments they can to slow Israel down.

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

I've sent this idea several places, with the response that, "We're going to refute the ...(whichever)... report, just wait." But this idea needs to happen sooner rather than later... If someone/anyone in Israel could do it, or at least consider it seriously, many people trying to counter the smears would appreciate it. It wouldn't help with the "anti" speakers at the UN, but it would with the general public who lack specific factual info.

The Gladstone report is ridiculous and a problem. It is the culmination of the false press that has circulated for the last several years. Unless the Israeli govt has reasons not to present the info outlined below, it needs to be done! We need organized documentation of what it means to have rockets landing in Israel. I've been waiting for the case to be made for 3 years (we were in Israel in July '06) and the IDF Spokesperson office (or whoever) has not yet done it. They've shown detailed info about the Gaza end, but, regarding the thousands of rockets landing in civilian areas of Israel, we see only photos or videos from after a rocket hits, and then a picture of the little bent pipe that caused all the commotion on the Israeli end.

The IDF Spokesperson, with Technion technical input (or subcontracted to someone like CiJ?) needs to produce an engineering-drawing documentary of Israel's responsible actions with respect to rockets landing in Israel. So:

1. a slow motion animation (or onsite film with engineering drawing overlays) of a rocket landing in an Israeli urban area... showing the explosion and a time lapse engineering drawing of where the blast and shrapnel go and what happens to things it hits (pounds per square inch, etc).

2. a time lapsed schematic of a typical site and the range planned for running to a shelter before impact.

3. an engineering drawing of a typical shelter, showing how thick the roof and walls need to be, the math that goes into the design (shrapnel flight angles, etc).

4. a listing, with a photo of each, of the typical shelters that have been installed, whether custom built, a retrofit of an existing structure, or the safe rooms in houses, apartments, office buildings, etc. This listing (could be a spreadsheet) should also detail how many sq feet per person, how many stockpiled supplies per person per day, and $$ figures for each item (retrofit, new construction, supplies, everything).

5. a summary of civil defense training and equipment (w/ $$)

6. an estimate of how many people would be dead or mangled if Israel had not done all these things and diverted their $$ and time to protecting Israeli citizens. This number needs to be circulated as the apples-to-apples comparison of civilian casualties.

The IDF Spokesperson office has done an excellent job documenting what happens at the neighbors' end of the exchange, but they have not made a documentary (engineering data) case for the reason that the continuous rocket fire has not resulted in more Israeli casualties and the panicked disruption of day to day life it causes. Your supporters and people like the doctor we see on TV right now who is still dealing with her injuries need a resource like this to make the bigger case.

At 3:02 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

"Human Rights" today is crucifying the Jews for their alleged sins.

Blood libel, indeed.

At 4:05 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

For Carl on a different note - do Jews want the Temple rebuilt? - YES! As Nadia Matar points out:

Sheyibane Beit HaMikdash bimheirah biyameinu ("May the Temple be built speedily in our days")

Its a goal all Jews long for. And what else is found in The Siddur? This:

Yibane HaMikdash - Ir Tzion timalei, vesham nashir shir chadash uvirnanah na'aleh - "May the Temple be built, the city of Zion made full, and there we will sing a new song and with joyous singing we will go up."

We will make aliyah three times a year to the House Of Our G-d as the HaRav put it well in HaEmumah Israel's alternate national anthem.

It is not Jews who are extremist. Its the Muslims who have stolen the Jewish patrimony. Its time for Jews to start acting as the owners of their own country.

More here. Read it all

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Benyaminov Shamil said...

Someone please help to locate this SOB email or contact number. I just want to express my verbal discuss to this scum.

thank you

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The conduct of the Mission, including reports in the Palestinian media that, throughout its visits to Gaza, it was continuously accompanied by Hamas officials and its refusal to recuse members of the mission with clear political views on the issues under investigation. One mission member signed a letter to the Sunday Times saying that Israel's actions against Hamas attacks were acts of "aggression not self-defense", prejudging the investigation before it had even begun, so of couse the result was - Israel is the criminal and the Hamas are the victims in all this.


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