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Monday, October 19, 2009

Devastating open letter to Richard Goldstone from South Africa

The following open letter to Judge Richard Goldstone appeared in a South African Jewish paper over the weekend (Hat Tip: Russ H)

In case you cannot read it, here is the full text:
Dear Richard

I have long withheld a little-known fact, fearing its disclosure may be misconstrued as self-serving. I feel it should now be told.

In the final gasps of the apartheid regime, the Wiesenthal Centre discovered a German neo-Nazi money trail to send hired killers to South Africa. You were prominent among the eight names on the hit list, though it was too late for ANC/Communist leader, Chris Hani.

In 1993, you hosted me to a thank you dinner at the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg. I know regret that lost opportunity and my lack of foresight to point out to you how the term apartheid could never be applied to Israel, and any attempt to do so would constitute an identity theft of South Africa’s own tragic narrative.

But you knew all this from your Zionist affiliations.

Richard, you are the golden goose of the financial crisis for psychoanalysts throughout the Diaspora. Jews lie on their couches, ubiquitously mouthing the world “Why?”

Some think you are a prisoner of the “Stockholm Syndrome”, intimidated by the Carter-Tutu gang. Others see a narcissists dream Of Goldstone for UN Secretary-general.

Richard, if that were so, the anti-Semites would surely perceive your report as part of the Jewish conspiracy, for you to eventually defend Israel from the General Assembly podium.

But I fear the worst, that as an apostle of the Human Rights theological curia, you are convinced that you are right. This would mean that you had lost the capacity to distinguish between the nuances of war. Israel committed errors still under investigation.

You, however, took the testimony of tainted witnesses as gospel for a report that was predetermined as self-fulfilling prophecy.

Perhaps unintended, but the consequences of your presentation to the UN Human Rights Council, through the infinite repetition of the Internet, carry the potential for toxic repercussions not only for Israel but, by association, further attacks on Jew globally.

When Simon Wiesenthal was asked: “What was a Jewish Kapo?” he responded simply, “A Kapo”. The same sense of abandonment applies for the loss of every Israeli turned anti-Zionist or any example of Jewish deviance – and there have been many in our history.

I am gratified that we once had the opportunity to assist you in an hour of danger, and pray for you to swiftly recant in order to return to the ranks of your people.

Shimon Samuels
Director for International Relations
Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Paris
Hmmm. I guess I'm not the only one who thinks he's a Kapo. But Samuels and Simon Wiesenthal are much bigger experts on the subject than I am.


At 9:38 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - the difference between the Holocaust Era kapos and today's quislings is the kapos were forced by the Germans to help in the slaughter of their own people. They had no choice in the matter and they were aware if they did not obey they would be murdered. They were forced to do deeds no decent human being should have to do just to survive. So in a sense they were coerced to act against their Jewish brethren. In contrast, the Jewish quislings of today have free choice. No one is forcing them to harm Israel or join the warfare against it waged in international forums. That makes their conduct truly contemptible where at worst the kapos conduct was pitiable. I don't think the two cases are similar at all and when there is free will then treason becomes both informed and significant in its repercussions.

I can't speak for Goldstone or judge his state of mind. I can say his actions have placed Israel in a very difficult position and killed all prospects of peace for a long time to come. He will be found wanting by history. Seldom has a man's lack of good judgment so heavily impacted on his reputation. That is what has happened to Goldstone and nothing good can come out of his travesty of an investigation into the Jewish State's most recent war.


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