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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Your tax dollars and al-Qaeda

As you might recall, there was a clash in August between Hamas and the al-Qaeda-linked Jund Ansar Allah in which thirty 'Palestinians' were killed executed, gangland style. On Tuesday, YNet reported on a series of explosions last week that targeted Hamas security forces buildings in the Gaza Strip. The explosions were allegedly carried out by the al-Qaeda-linked Jund Ansar Allah (Hat Tip: Jawa Report). But this is where things just start to get curious:
According to Tuesday's report, shortly after the explosions – which occurred not far from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' former Gaza home – Hamas' security forces were able to arrest the man who placed the bombs.

The suspect confessed to planting the devices and reportedly told his investigators the explosives were given to him by a member of Fatah security forces, who was also arrested.

The also had security source in the Strip saying that, not only did Fatah assist in the attacks, it encouraged its people in Gaza, especially those working for news outlets, to spread rumors and exaggerated reports regarding the nature of the attacks, in order to confuse the local population.[You mean people who work for 'news outlets' in Gaza do things like that? Someone better tell CNN and the BBC. CiJ]
If Fatah was behind this attack, the American taxpayer likely paid for it. After all, Fatah gets just about its entire budget from 'aid money' provided by the United States, the European Union... and Israel.

What could go wrong?


At 1:05 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Fatah's rivalry with Hamas will never end. The two terror groups are not going to be reconciled any time soon.

What could go wrong indeed


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