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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A worldwide web of anti-Israel bias

The UN has its new web site, and I'm sure that none of you will be shocked to hear that it Israel gets special treatment. STEP 5:
And here (http://www.un.org/apps/news/html/whatwhen.html) we are at the gateway to everything happening at the UN. Under "At a Glance: Recent Action," you can "browse meeting summaries & press releases" by just choosing "select body and date." What body and date, you ask? A handy drop-down menu makes it very easy to understand the programs and priorities for anyone who isn't quite sure what the UN does. There are ten choices: "All venues, General Assembly President, 1st Committee (Disarmament), 2nd Committee (Economic & Social), 3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian), 4th Committee (Special Political), 5th Committee (Administrative & Budgetary), 6th Committee (Legal), Palestinian Rights, and Committee on Information."

Of course, one thing that can be said in favor of the latest UN outrage is that it makes the double-standards applied to Israel even more obvious. The UN undoubtedly needed to expand the index because the mammoth number of resolutions, documents, press releases, meetings and conferences devoted to condemning Israel had become so large that the hatemongers needed assistance organizing all their Israel-bashing campaign material.

The amount of UN webspace dedicated only to Palestinian claims - including pre-Israel maps - is huge. There is the "United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine" or UNISPAL, and the anti-Israel non-governmental organization networking scheme called the "NGO network on the Question of Palestine." Added to that is the constant material churned out by the only UN Division focused on a single people - the UN Division on Palestinian Rights. And then there is the UN Human Rights Council, which President Obama has now embraced. It has adopted more resolutions and decisions condemning Israel than all other 191 UN states combined. Along with fellow human rights enthusiasts China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia, American representatives will be taking their place as new Council members in just one week time.

Way back in the pre-internet days of 1945, the UN Charter proclaimed the "equality of nations large and small." Modernity for the UN has brought an end to such lofty commitments.
Since Anne Bayefsky recalls the "pre-internet days of 1945," perhaps this is the place to point those of you who have never seen it to a classic article by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ronald Reagan's ambassador to the UN, about how the UN got to be so anti-Israel in the first place.


At 11:04 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel mindlessly still insists on being seated in this Jew-hating institution. Its time to leave the UN!


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