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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Syria: Israel disposing of nuclear waste in the Golan

So here's Syria's latest blood libel: They're claiming that Israel is disposing of nuclear waste in the Golan Heights. They've even submitted a complaint about it to the United Nations 'Human Rights Council.' Maybe they can ask Judge Goldstone to 'investigate.'
Syria accused Israel of burying nuclear waste in tunnels in the Golan Heights, Syrian government officials said.

The Egyptian government-affiliated newspaper Al-Ahram said the officials made the accusations in a recent report dubbed "the suffering of Syrian citizens in the Golan," submitted to the United Nations human rights commission.

The newspaper noted that similar accusations were made by Syrian government officials in 2003, when they said special Israeli army units were digging tunnels in Mount Hermon to dump nuclear waste from Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona.

In the recent report,Syrian sources said Israel has dug a tunnel in Mount Hermon to hide dozens of nuclear warheads and has booby-trapped the Golan Heights with bombs, tactical nuclear mines and combustible radioactive devices,the newspaper said.

It said Israel has attempted to downplay the accusations, saying it is digging anti-tank ditches in the Golan Heights.
Why would Israel do something like this when there are Israelis living on the Golan Heights, Israelis enjoying skiing on one side of Mount Hermon and Israeli soldiers stationed on the other side of Mount Hermon. It makes no sense.

But alas, this kind of libel continues to gain traction until the world believes it, just like the Aftonbladet libel about Israel killing 'Palestinians' and 'harvesting' their organs for sale. That libel has now gained new ground and the Arabs and their Swedish ally (the fantasist newspaper reporter Bostrom) are now claiming that Israel was stealing organs from Algerians as far back as 1960.

What could go wrong?


At 8:34 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If Israel was transporting nuclear waste to the Golan, wouldn't there be a lot of sick Jews on the way? The Syrian flight of imagination knows no bounds.


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