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Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama to hug Gadhaffi at the UN?

This is from Anne Bayefsky's preview of next week's United Nations General Assembly meeting.
Meanwhile, the Qaddafi problem is getting more “sensitive,” as Ambassador Rice has so delicately put it. Obama’s idea for a summit meeting, which seemed like a harmless international diversionary tactic in the midst of a domestic mess, has the potential to become an image maker’s worst nightmare. Libya is a member of the Security Council, and Qaddafi is looking for a hug (literally). So now Obama’s people are worrying about how to avoid him, or at least how to keep the cameras away when Obama embraces a man whom Americans understand to be a human-rights low-life extraordinaire. The irony is that it was Obama himself who issued Qaddafi the invitation to the council summit.

The president may also run into the colonel at the General Assembly podium the day before. On September 23 Obama will assume the dais and wax eloquent about the glories of the United Nations. The fantasy won’t last long, though. Libya is the president of this year’s General Assembly, resulting in a speaker order that makes Obama into Qaddafi’s warm-up act.
Heh. This sounds like a better photo-op than Obama bowing to Saudi King Abdullah.

Meanwhile, Israel Radio reported on Thursday morning that Prime Minister Netanyahu is hanging around long enough to attend President Obama's party (probably the same one to which Ahmadinejad will probably not be invited) and then is coming home. It seems that Netanyahu has been seated two seats away from Ahmadinejad and does not want any part of it.

Someone please remind me who the leader of the free world is....


At 1:35 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Why is Israel disgracing itself attending the opening of the UN? If Netanyahu had balls, he would declare Israel is resigning from the world body and is inviting like-minded free countries to join it in creating an association of countries that believe in G-d and freedom. Tyranny and freedom must not be reduced to the status of equals. Had Israel the courage, it could change the world.

At 4:30 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The more this bozo opens his mouth and attempts foreign policy, the more players will use him and then toss him away when they are done.

In the most monumentally stupid display of "I'm not W", this guy has managed to convince the world, and the bad leaders within it, that he is a lightweight, in way way over his head.

There are good reasons why W acted the way he did. This lightweight has as of yet to comprehend them. And we, Americans everywhere, are going to pay the price for the bad guys schooling him. For decades.

Everyone who voted for the lightweight ... please, stay home from the polls next time. You have done so much damage to this country by electing this guy and his cronies ... like his mentor Carter, it will take decades to fix the damage.


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