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Sunday, September 06, 2009

IDF: Ron Arad died in Lebanon in mid-90's

A classified IDF report indicates that IAF navigator Ron Arad, who was captured by the Shiite Amal militia after being shot down over Lebanon in 1986, died in captivity in the mid-90's. According to the report, Arad, who had been transferred to Iran by Amal, was transferred back to Hezbullah by Iran and died in Hezbullah captivity in Lebanon.
The secret document claims that "IAF navigator Ron Arad was alive for at least nine years after he was taken hostage, and died in captivity in Lebanon."

According to the report, Lt.-Col. Arad, who went missing after his plane was downed over Lebanon in 1986, was transferred to Iran, where he was held in a secret Revolutionary Guard facility in Teheran for several years.

In 1994, the IDF kidnapped Hizbullah commander Mustafa Dirani, one of the men who had held Arad captive in Lebanon.

The Iranians, fearing that Dirani would reveal their involvement in the affair, transferred Arad back to Lebanon, where he reportedly died of an illness in the mid 1990s.

Arad's family said in response to the report that as far as they are concerned Ron is still alive, adding that the Arad family deserves to know what happened to the missing navigator.
When Israel Radio reported this story on the 5:00 am news, the source was Yedioth Aharonoth and they commented that Arad could have been released in exchange for 'a few low-level terrorists,' but Israel wasn't willing to do that kind of exchange back in the 1980's. Given that Israel has yet to have a live soldier returned since Jonathan Pollard was imprisoned in 1985 (a fact pointed out in a press release from Manhigut Yehudit), one has to wonder whether Arad really would have been released alive had Israel agreed to the exchange.

By the way, the family also said that if he is dead, they still are obligated to bring him back because they swore to his dying mother that they would do so.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I'm against such a move. A promise to a dying person is not binding if it would result in more harm than good happening. I've always believed Ron Arad died in captivity. This is the nature of the Arabs and they should not be rewarded for their cruelty towards the Jews. That would be the final insult towards the soul of Arad, may G-d avenge him. One must be cruel to the cruel so the merciful can be blessed with the promise of mercy. That is only the pact Israel must keep with Arad's family.


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