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Friday, September 25, 2009

Farouk Hosni shows his true colors

On Tuesday, Egyptian Farouk Hosni's candidacy to head UNESCO was defeated by Bulgarian Irina Bokova. On Wednesday, Hosni, who was defeated because of his involvement in cultural repression in Egypt and his many anti-Israel statements, let his true colors show.
Egypt's culture minister on Wednesday blamed a conspiracy "cooked up in New York" by the world's Jews for keeping him from becoming the next head of the U.N.'s agency for culture and education.


"It was clear by the end of the competition that there was a conspiracy against me," Hosny told reporters at the airport upon his return from Paris.

"There are a group of the world's Jews who had a major influence in the elections who were a serious threat to Egypt taking this position," he said.

Hosny's candidacy raised an outcry because of a threat he made in the Egyptian parliament last year to personally burn any Israeli book he found in Egypt's famed Library of Alexandria. While he later apologized and Israel said it had withdrawn its opposition to his candidacy, several prominent Jewish activists spoke out against him in the runup to the vote.
Hopefully, this is the last we hear of this guy on the world scene.


At 2:32 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - I'm deeply saddened. I wanted him to be elected head of UNESCO to drive Israel out of the UN. Having an open anti-Semite in charge of one its major agencies would have made attaining that goal much easier.

Oh well.


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