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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Arabs moving into Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem

I warned as far back as 2006 that Arabs were moving into Jewish neighborhoods on the edge between the Jewish and Arab parts of the city - neighborhoods like Pisgat Zev and French Hill. Of course, you won't hear any outcry about it from the US or the EU. No pious platitudes about how they're predetermining the outcome of 'negotiations.' No complaints about how they're changing the city's demographics. I leave it to the reader to decide why.
It wasn't so much the politics of this contested city that drew Majlaton to Pisgat Zeev, however; it was the prospect of escaping the potholed roads and scant municipal services he endured for 19 years while renting in an Arab neighborhood.

"You see that air conditioner?" he said, pointing to the large wall unit cooling his living room. "In the Arab areas, the electricity is too weak to run one that big."

Majlaton, 50, says some Jewish neighbors are warming up to him, but the influx bothers others, who say they're thinking of moving out or refuse to sell or rent to Arabs.

This is much more than a simple matter of real estate. Demographics could figure heavily in how Jerusalem is partitioned in a future peace deal. If that happens, it is expected the city will be split along ethnic lines - Jewish neighborhoods to Israel, Arab neighborhoods to Palestine.


In 2007, the latest year with available statistics, about 1,300 of Pisgat Zeev's 42,000 residents were Arabs. In nearby French Hill, population 7,000, nearly one-sixth are Arabs, among them students at the neighboring Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Neve Yaakov, with 20,000 people, had 600 Arabs, according to the Israel Center for Jerusalem Studies, a respected think tank.
Incredibly, this AP report actually explains why the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem don't get Municipal services. It's because there's not one Arab on the City Council. The Arabs refuse to vote.

Neve Yaakov is actually further (east) from the city center than either French Hill or Pisgat Zev. It likely has a lower percentage of Arabs because the older, smaller apartments in the neighborhood (which date to the late '70's or early '80's) are being bought by Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews. Unfortunately, many Israeli Jews would rather see the country sold off to the Arabs than have Haredi Jews live in their neighborhoods.

What's unsaid is that many of the 'Palestinians' would rather not live in a 'Palestinian state' and are hoping that these areas will stay Israeli in any eventual settlement. The article only hints at that when it mentions the 'security fence.' It's not just a housing shortage that's driving the Arabs into Jerusalem proper.

The picture at the top is a 2007 Pisgat Zev sign that advertises an apartment for sale or rent to Arabs only.

Read the whole thing.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

united Jerusalem....this might be one of the results

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I don't understand why they don't want to vote and take part in the democracy that will work with them. Yet at the same time they resist the onslaught of the 'palestinian' klepto-thugocracy in the PA and hamas. So they don't want either one?

Or one has them so badly intimidated, that they dare not express their desire not to go with the klepto-thugocracy? The jews won't kneecap them in the middle of the night. Can't say as much for their klepto-thugocracy leaders. Defenestration has become a common occurrence there. This makes being in the opposition something of a life-ending stance.

What if, now bear with me, what if the PA and hamas and all the rest of the crooked thugs who run the 'palestinian' government vanished somehow. Assume it is possible to make this happen. Would the arab on the street feel comfortable enough with their surroundings to become a loyal citizen of Israel?

My hope is that most would. The ones that can't bear this, can move or be moved.

All we have to do is remove the leadership which creates and perpetuates their problems and misery.

Evil has to be defeated.


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