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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Al-Qaeda predicts Obama's downfall by Muslim world

Al-Qaeda has released a 106-minute video in Arabic in which it predicts the downfall of American President Barack Hussein Obama at the hands of the Muslim world.
The Arabic-language video, entitled "The West and the Dark Tunnel," is part of series of messages by the organization marking the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Bin Laden released a short message of his own on Sept. 14.


Many analysts believe that al-Qaida has been alarmed by Obama's comparative popularity in the Middle East, especially following his landmark speech to the Muslim world in Cairo in June.

"America has come in a new, hypocritical face. Smiling at us, but stabbing us with the same dagger that Bush used," said Al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri in the message.

"God willing, your end will be at the hands of the Muslim nation, so that the world and history will be free of your crimes and lies," he said addressing Obama at the end of the two-part video.


The video's strident anti-American tone and detailed enumeration of what it describes as the U.S. crimes was in sharp contrast to the earlier bin Laden message, which appeared to be an appeal to the American people to sever their ties with Israel and end the war with al-Qaida.
Sounds like 'engaging' with the Muslim world is really bringing about lots of hope and change, doesn't it?


At 12:22 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

It sounds like Islamic radicals have concluded that Obumbler is no different from Bush, except in tone. They are right. For all his lip service to the Palestinians, he is killing Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in Iraq. They see him not as a friend of the Muslim World but as its enemy.



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