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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yes, they're anti-Semites

Robert Fulford says what so many of us believe to be true: That those obsessive critics of Israel are anti-Semites.
What are reasonable people to think about these relentless campaigns in the universities, churches and unions?

Those involved often insist that it's not a matter of anti-Semitism. They like to say, "I'm anti-Israel, not anti-Semitic. A different thing entirely."

After decades of use, this declaration of innocence has ceased to be credible. In my personal observation, enemies of Israel often turn out to be anti-Semites as well. The true agenda of anti-Israel activists often is reflected in their style of propaganda, and in the exclusive attention they give to one particular country.

The style of the protests goes far beyond "criticism," that benign noun implying civil disputes. Often, anti-Israel propaganda distributed on campuses and elsewhere borrows the style of Nazi cartoons. As Craig Offman reported in the Post, last winter students at the University of Manitoba found themselves confronted by posters near a campus bookshop depicting, among other things, a hooked-nosed Hasidic Jew with a star of David pointing a bazooka at the nose of an Arab carrying a slingshot; and an Israeli helicopter with a swastika on top, bombing a baby bottle.

Moreover, the word "apartheid," now a favourite of the anti-Israel movement, carries intentionally vicious overtones of racism. It's a way of setting the final terms of an issue before it can be discussed.

The most distressing quality of the attacks, however, is their singularity. They leave us with the impression that Israel deserves more censure than any other country on Earth — in fact, more than all other countries combined. Enemies of Israel may sometimes claim that they have also passed resolutions deploring genocide in Africa or dictatorship in Burma. But these views are expressed in comparative privacy. No widespread, long-running movements accompany them.


So far as we can learn from how they act in public, these organizations appear to have a foreign policy with only one item on its agenda, the same one they would have if they were in fact motivated fundamentally by anti-Semitism.
Indeed. I would add to those 'critics' international bodies like the United Nations 'Human Rights Council' which is obsessed with Israel.

It's time that we stop being embarrassed by labeling the obsessive anti-Israel protesters as anti-Semites. They have done more than enough to deserve the label.

Read the whole thing.


At 9:25 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The insincere critics of Israel do hate Jews. Its not merely disagreement with specific aspects of Israeli government policy that leads them to be obsessed with Israel. I haven't always agreed with what Israel is doing. The difference between me and them is my criticism is always constructive. I want Israel to stop doing things that hurt it and to do the right things more often so the country can survive. In contrast, for anti-Semites, criticism of Israel is always destructive. They issue criticism of Israel in order to undermine the country and to prepare the conditions that will lead to its destruction, Honest people can appreciate that not all judgment of Israel is created equal, Jews should know who their friends and who their enemies are. And they should have no problem with making sure anti-Semites will never get the chance to harm the Jewish people again.

There will be no Second Holocaust.


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