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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Video: Obama's press conference with Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak

This is President Obama's press conference with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak at the White House on Tuesday.

Let's go to the videotape.

Unfortunately, there is no close captioning for the Arabic, but we are getting an English translation.

Note that Mubarak says that until Obama came to Cairo they thought the US was against Islam. It's no secret that Mubarak did not get along with George W. Bush, who called Islam a 'religion of peace.'

Someone's cell phone seems to go off around the 7:45 mark. Heh.

Mubarak says that their disagreements with prior administrations did not change their relations with the United States. Yeah, getting a $2 billion gift every year helps bury differences, doesn't it?

Note how - as usual - he overstates the impact of the 'Palestinians' on the world. One day, someone is going to do a scholarly treatise on how the world was taken in by the 'Palestinian' band of thieves.

At 10:16 we get the question about approvals for new construction in 'Israeli settlements' that was described in my earlier posts.

Around 17:30, Mubarak gets asked what's different this time (note that he understands enough English to understand the question without the interpreter). He argues that the level of violence is higher than it was ten years ago. Maybe. But it's MUCH lower than it was eight years ago, because the IDF controls Judea and Samaria. And it would be lower in Gaza too if the IDF were still there.

As to Mubarak's claim that his people want peace, don't believe it. See here.

The rest of it until the last minute is an Obama pep talk. He claims that what's different is that they started dealing with the issue on Day One since - of course - it's more important than the financial crisis. Screwing the Jews always is the most important item on the agenda.

I can't see America electing a President who thinks the 'Palestinians' are so important again anytime soon, so it really may be now or not for a long time.

Note that Mubarak's last comment refers to 'displaced people.' Sure....


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