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Monday, August 24, 2009

Tracking pigs in Cairo

Israel's Channel 2 Television had the audacity to report (link in Arabic) on Christian Copts in Cairo on Sunday night and at least one Egyptian blogger is upset about it.
The report was all about the poor ghetto of the Zabaleen “watch the term used” where the Christian garbage collectors “this term was used too “ lived in poverty collecting garbage for decades in Cairo ; these collectors are currently suffering after the decision to cull all pigs by the orders of “the Islamic authority”. The report hinted to how the Church of Deir Saman was the cleanest place in the area.

With my all respect may I know who and why the Egyptian authorities gave the Israeli TV the permission to shoot this segment in Cairo in this particular area in the first place ??

You must know that any TV station whether Egyptian or not must have a permission to shoot in the street if I am not mistaken.

What makes me more angry is that some people from the garbage collectors agreed to speak to the Israeli TV , do not tell they have the right to do so after what they had done to them ,they were compensated by the government where as the poultry raisers have not been compensated as they should up till now. Do not tell me “so what ?? you are now in Peace “ , well I will tell you that this Israeli TV crew did not come to spread peace here I am afraid , they are trying to spread sectarian division and those people are helping them and by helping them they are weakening their position and losing their rights to be supported.
If the Channel 2 crew did something illegal, why haven't the Egyptian authorities arrested them? Why have they not protested to the Israeli government? And by the way, we would welcome Egyptians and Egyptian television to come here and 'return the favor' but they have no interest in doing so.

As to the Copts, how can you blame them for finding someone to whom they could vent? Does any Egyptian media pay attention to them?



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