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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swedish tabloid publishes claim that IDF harvested 'Palestinians' organs

A few weeks ago, a group of American Jews of (mainly) Syrian origin was arrested in the New York area as part of a more widescale investigation into political corruption in New York and New Jersey. The investigation included one charge that didn't fit in with the rest. It claimed that one of the Jews charged had obtained kidneys from Israel and resold them on the black market in the United States.

On Tuesday, the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet introduced an anti-Semitic libel more vicious than anything we have heard in a long time. The tabloid claimed (with photographs - see below) that the IDF had harvested organs from dead 'Palestinians' and sold them to this particular Jew. The two pictures below are screenshots from Aftonbladet - the rest of the story follows them:

For those who don't read Swedish, here's what the report says:
The report carried a photograph that purportedly shows the body of a victim of such an execution, with a large scar running from his chin to his abdomen. It notes the IDF’s explanation that the scar is from an autopsy which is routinely performed on people who are killed in fighting – but seems not to give it much credit and prefers a completely unsubstantiated claim by Arabs regarding forced organ harvesting.

The report, which appears under the heading, in quotes, "Our sons plundered for their organs,” begins with snippets from a transcript of an FBI recording of a Jewish man who was arrested in July, in connection with a corruption scandal in New Jersey involving elected officials, rabbis, money laundering and illegal organ trading.

Immediately after providing a short description of the FBI’s suspicions against that group, reporter Donald Boström takes his readers across the ocean to discuss the organ trade in Israel, without explaining what connection there may be between the two matters. He describes “a strong suspicion” among Palestinians that young men’s organs were harvested by the IDF “as in China and Pakistan.” Boström repeats that this is “a very serious suspicion” and suggests that the International Court of Justice should open an investigation into it.

The paper says that half of the kidneys that are used in transplants in Israel are purchased illegally from Turkey, Eastern Europe or Latin America and that Israeli health authorities have full knowledge of the matter, but do nothing to stop it. It then connects the shortage of body parts in Israel to stories of Palestinian men who, it says, are killed and returned to their villages five days later by the IDF.

The reporter then gives what he says is his own eyewitness account from 1992 -- 17 years ago -- of an IDF raid on a village in which a rioter named Bilal Achmed Ghanaian was shot and severely injured. He was taken away by a military helicopter and brought back by the army five days later, dead. As his family members buried him, they saw a large scar running from his stomach to his chin.

The report then quotes Arabs who claim that their sons were used as forced organ donors but provides no support for this claim.
Israel's foreign ministry is furious.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor characterized the story as "racist hysteria at its worst."

"No one should tolerate such a demonizing piece of medieval blood libel that surely encourages hate crimes against Jews," Palmor said. "This is a shame to freedom of expression, and all Swedes should reject it unconditionally."

Israel's embassy in Stockholm was expected to issue a sharp denunciation.

In the story, headlined "They plunder the organs of our sons," and accompanied by a gruesome photograph, Palestinians are quoted as saying IDF soldiers kidnapped their sons and stole organs.

Haaretz quoted Donald Bostrom as writing the following:
"'Our sons are used as involuntary organ donors,' relatives of Khaled from Nablus said to me, as did the mother of Raed from Jenin, as well as the uncles of Machmod and Nafes from Gaza, who all had disappeared for a few days and returned by night, dead and autopsied."
What we ought to do is recall the ambassador unless the Swedish government denounces this nonsense. Sweden has been the site of enough anti-Israel riots this year.

The only silver lining in this cloud is that at least one Swedish newspaper has come to Israel's defense.
A competing newspaper, Sydsvenskan, ran an op-ed on the story under the headline "Antisemitbladet," in an obvious reference to Aftonbladet's name.

"Whispers in the dark. Anonymous sources. Rumors," wrote Swedish columnist Mats Skogkär. "That is all it takes. After all, we all know what they [the Jews] are like, don't we: inhuman, hardened. Capable of anything. Now all that remains is the defense, equally predictable: 'Anti-Semitism? No, no, just criticism of Israel.'"
Let's hope Sweden's large Muslim population doesn't issue a fatwa against Skogkär or Sydsvenskan.

In case you were wondering, Aftonbladet has a circulation of 1.5 million readers per day.


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At 10:11 PM, Blogger Scott W. Somerville said...

When they joked about Islam by running cartoons showing Mohammad with a bomb in his turban, that was a "human rights violation," and all of Europe had a hissy-fit over how the cartoons went beyond the pale.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the cartoon police have to say about this item.

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Steverino said...

Now I understand why Sweden was neutral in the war against the Nazis.

At 12:01 AM, Blogger lol said...

here is the contact info of this "newspaper", please write or call them to show protest.

Tel: 00468 725 2000
E-mail: nyheter@Aftonbladet.se

At 1:27 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

We all know its the Jews' fault! Sweden said so!



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