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Monday, August 03, 2009

Six months of begging and Obama has nothing to show

Herb Keinon does a fair job of summing up what the Obama administration has to show for six months of coddling Arab leaders. Nothing.
"For many years most of the Arab world was not involved directly in the peace process. It was like a soccer game, and they chose not to be a player, but rather to sit in the stands and boo or cheer," one senior government source said.

"If they decide to continue with that pattern of behavior they will continue to be largely irrelevant," the source said. "They can continue booing and cheering, but their ability to influence the peace process will be marginal."

And then, sounding a warning that Israel was indeed watching carefully to see what gesture the Arab world would make, the official added, "It is clear that Israel's ability to move forward in the peace process will be more limited if the Arab world takes a decision to remain aloof."

Six months after US President Barack Obama took over and began seriously recalibrating the country's Middle East policy, and a week after he sent his A-Team here for intensive discussions, this is what he has to show for it: an Israeli public that, as recent polls indicate, doesn't trust him; and an Arab world that remains unwilling, despite all his coddling, to make any practical move or gesture toward Israel - not promises of normalization at the end of the process, but practical steps that would give Israelis any confidence in any of those promises.
But I guess he'll just press Israel some more. What could go wrong?


At 9:33 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Just expect Israel to give something for nothing when the Saudis made it clear over the weekend they are going offer Israel nothing in exchange for a settlement freeze. Why bother then to please the US? The Arabs have no intention of doing so. Why should Israel be the only one to be a freier and get caught twisting in the wind?

What could go wrong indeed


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