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Monday, August 03, 2009

'Palestine Solidarity Committee' calls for arrest of IDF legal adviser upon arrival in South Africa

It's Almost Supernatural reports on efforts by the 'Palestine Solidarity Committee' to ban IDF legal adviser David Benjamin from speaking at the Limmud Program in South Africa (Hat Tip: Russ H).
The Palestine Solidarity Committee has joined Zachie Achmat's calls to stop Israeli IDF Legal Advisor David Banjamin's participation at Limmud in South Africa next month. They have taken Achmat’s calls one step further and called on South Africa to arrest Benjamin as he steps foot into the country.

They have bemusingly described Limmud's refusal to bow to the pressure of Zachie Achmat and rescind the invitation to Banjamin as an "arrogant refusal".

I’ve already covered what I think are the issues involved here (see Achmat calls on Jews to silence Israel’s voice) but I would hope that the press does some homework before covering the attempts by the PSC to censor Israel’s right to be heard. This isn’t the first time the PSC has pressured speakers from the Middle East into cancelling their visits South Africa and it won’t be the last.
Read the whole thing. Of course, attempting to silence Israelis abroad is nothing new, especially when the Israelis are connected to the IDF. I don't know a whole lot about David Benjamin's background, but having looked at the program, if I were the 'Palestinians,' I'd be concerned about Yisrael Aumann. He's likely to rip the 'Palestinians' some new body parts and inspire the community at the same time.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Palestinians cannot stand a dialogue with the Jews. That is why they prefer to issue demands to Israel rather than talk to its government. They practice the same censorship on both governmental and non-governmental Israelis.


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