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Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's summer camp time in Hamastan

It's summer camp time in Hamastan and it probably should surprise no one that the kiddies are spending this summer the same way they spent last summer: Military training.
The Saudi-owned news agency Elaph conducted an investigation into the recruitment of teenagers by Islamic militias in the Gaza Strip and other parts of the Arab world. Elaph, based in Beirut, visited military training camps in the Gaza Strip that included teenagers.

"Several minors who trained in Palestinian military camps confirmed that they were there of their own free will," Elaph reported in the series in late May 2009.

Correspondents toured several such military training camps in the Gaza Strip. One teenage fighter was identified as Mohammed, an 11th grader who underwent weapons training at an unidentified militia camp in Gaza's Futuh district.

"A year ago, he [Mohammed] underwent training in carrying weapons, and received permission to aid resistance fighters in night reconnaissance of advancing Israeli military vehicles," Elaph reported. "He was also trained to [aid the fighters] from a distance in armed clashes. Mohammed hopes to die defending the homeland for the sake of Allah, and follow his comrades who have already reached paradise."

The recruitment was said to have begun with Islamic indoctrination at mosques controlled by Hamas or Palestinian militias. Teenage recruits represented the youth wing of the militias at their school and eventually were invited to training camp.

"There are institutions belonging to organizations dealing with educating children and deepening their awareness by means of summer camps," Abu Mohammed, a senior agent in the Iranian-sponsored Islamic Jihad, said.
Peace is at hand.


At 7:28 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

When children are taught love of death, peace is far away.

Just don't educate Obumbler and the Europeans about it.



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