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Sunday, August 09, 2009

French-Israeli demands that EU rocketproof his Sderot home

Well, this is an interesting idea.

A man holding dual French and Israeli citizenship has demanded that the European Union rocketproof his Sderot home.
In the lawsuit, which will be filed to the European Commission, petitioner Eyal Katorza cites Article 3.5 of the European Treaty, which states the Union will "contribute to the protection of its citizens" regardless of their whereabouts.

The EU "owes its citizens protection and security whether they reside in the European Union or abroad in a third state," Mordechai M. Tzivin, Katorza's lawyer, wrote.

Among other clauses, the eight-page document also notes Article 20 of the treaty, which states that when outside the union, EU citizens are "entitled to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any member State." The lawsuit also demands that the EU ensure its funds don't reach terrorist entities, such as Hamas, that will then use the money to harm EU citizens living in Israel.

"The European Union gives hundreds of millions of euros every year to aid groups in Gaza," Tzivin said. "This money cannot be allowed to target European citizens."

Tzivin, who compiled the lawsuit along with the European Citizens Council in Israel - a nonprofit organization representing Israelis of EU nationalities - invited any EU passport holder living within range of Palestinian rockets to add their name to the lawsuit.
The EU has 12 months in which to uphold the lawsuit or it will go before the European court of justice.

It's a nice idea, but somehow I don't see the European Union coming in here and paying to protect all of their dual citizens in Israel. On the other hand, it is more likely that they will offer to move them back to Europe.


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