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Monday, July 06, 2009

Why the 'Palestinians' are dependent on foreign aid

And you thought it was because of the corruption and the fact that their 'leaders' refuse to resettle the 'refugees.' Not according to the European Union:
Israel's settlement policy helps strangle the Palestinian economy and makes the Palestinian government more dependent on foreign aid, the European Commission said Monday.

In an unusually harsh statement, the commission said that "it is the European taxpayers who pay most of the price of this dependence."
Well, no one is forcing them to pay.

By the way, until the 'Palestinian Authority' was created, the 'Palestinians' were doing just fine working in Israel without foreign aid. But then we created the 'Palestinian Authority,' brought Arafat back from Tunis and the terror started. That's when the closures started, the 'Palestinians' lost their jobs in Israel and the amount of foreign aid soared. Maybe we should go back to the pre-'Palestinian Authority' days and forget this whole 'state' thing.

Just a thought.

The picture at the top indicates why the 'Palestinians' are suffering. If any of you believe that given the opportunity the 'West Bankers' would not do the same thing as the Gazans are doing, think again.


At 12:04 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If the Palestinians cared about being self-sufficient and wanting a state, no one is standing in their way. The reason they are dependent on foreign aid has nothing to do with Israeli policies and everything to do with their not wanting to have a future for themselves.

That is what Europeans and the Obama Administration refuse to get. Israel's agreement to a settlement freeze wouldn't change the path the Palestinians are on in the slightest.

What could go wrong indeed


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