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Thursday, July 09, 2009

On the streets of Tehran

JPost's Sabina Amidi relates a story that took place earlier this week on the streets of Tehran.
"Just yesterday, I saw four plainclothes [members of the security forces] harassing two young men. The two young men had their hands tied behind their backs and were crying. I went to up the security forces and told then to let the boys ago, even though my two daughters were trying to hold me back. The security men grabbed us by the arms and started calling for reinforcements.

"I screamed at them: 'How dare you grab my two daughters, who have never been touched by any man, and how dare you touch me? I have never been touched by any man except my husband.' They let go of our arms and I told them again: Let the boys go."

She said the security men were preparing to drag the two young men away, nonetheless, so "I took out a picture of the Imam from my purse and the Koran. At that point five more of the riot police came... I said to them, 'Do you think this is what the Imam wanted?' I waved the Koran and told them to be afraid of God's wrath in the next life, because Khamenei's jurisdiction ends there."

The woman said that the officer apparently in charge said the pair were being arrested because they had been influenced by outside forces to destroy the regime.

"So I said to him: Then I am out to destroy the regime, the mullahs at the mosque I attend are out to destroy the regime, the ayatollahs in Qom are out to destroy the regime. And if this regime is a military dictatorship, then it should be destroyed."

She said she asked the security personnel if they had read Khomeini's texts. "They of course said no." She said she promised them that if they could find teachings of his which justified what they were doing, she would "personally help beat our fellow countrymen with batons."

At this point, the officer in charge told the others to let the two young men go, she said. "Then he pulled me aside and said, very emotionally, that he has three hungry children and a wife living in a small poor town outside Teheran. He said his salary had been tripled since the protests erupted and that he feels numb to everything around him.

"Before he left, he asked me to pray for him to make better choices in the future."
The Iranian regime is rotting from the inside. If the Iranian people are strong like this woman, the end will happen soon.


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Chaim said...

Iranian military dictatorship will not yield...their mentors are Chinese Military Attaches. China and Iran have over US$100 Billion in trade...tripling the salaries of underpaid thugs is exactly how China motivates its own breed of thug.

The end of Iran's Thugocracy is nowhere in sight.

This will not end well.

At 4:17 AM, Blogger Яша said...

Only thing I like about China is that they kill muslims. Go China!


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