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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Israel, Honduras and Obama

David Solway draws some uneasy parallels between Israel and Honduras, and how they are being treated by the United States in the Age of Obama.
We now know that deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was deeply implicated in acts attempting to overturn the Constitution governing the civil society of Honduras and replace it with a left-wing populist dictatorship in all but name. On July 17, 2009, the Honduran daily La Tribuna revealed that government computers containing results for an illegal referendum yet to be held had been confiscated in a building adjacent to the Presidential palace (Pajamas Media, July 21, 2009). There can be no disputing that Zelaya was plotting a coup d’etat that would have brought Honduras into the socialist camp of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Similarly, it should be evident to anyone who has done a minimum of political homework that Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the so-called “moderate” Fatah party and President of the Palestinian National Authority, is no democrat but a corrupt and despotic leader intent on gradually dismantling the Jewish state and replacing it with a Palestinian entity stretching “from the river to the sea.” Speaking at a memorial rally in Ramallah in October 2008, Abbas was perfectly unambiguous, pledging that “The Palestinian leadership will continue to follow Yasser Arafat's path until a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is established…. The path of the shahids [martyrs]—Arafat, George Habash and Sheikh Ahmed Yassin—is the path that we cherish….” Negotiations are only a means to advance his purpose though he would now prefer to wait upon the consequences of the American diplomatic assault upon Israel (Washington Post, May 29, 2009).


By their friends shall you know them. Zelaya buddies about with Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, vainglorious despots for whom “democracy” is the term of choice for stuffing ballot boxes, muzzling the press, arresting opponents and nationalizing industries. Abbas, for his part, supports the Iranian demagogues Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and justifies the Sudanese mass murderer Omar al-Bashir, regarding them as “brothers.” The company you keep is who you are.

But their most powerful and influential friend is none other than the President of the United States, one Barack Hussein Obama, who has brought destabilizing pressure to bear on democratic Israel and has threatened severe measures against democratic Honduras. Unless, of course, Israel accedes to many of its sworn antagonist’s insistent demands and disembowels itself in the process; and Honduras restores the reprehensible Zelaya to his former position of authority, thus surrendering its autonomy to a dictator’s aspirations.

This would gratify Obama who seems plainly determined to advance the Islamic agenda in the Middle East and the Leftist agenda in Latin America, and in so doing reinforce the totalitarian project in general. This should by now be obvious to anyone who has eyes to see. As Yogi Berra quipped, “You can observe a lot just by watching.”
Let's hope and pray this nightmare is over soon.

Read the whole thing.


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The S.A. Commies just don't want to lose another link in their cocaine smuggling chain.

While at that website, read the rest of the articles. They're very interesting.

Everything Obama embraces is the opposite of good.


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