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Monday, June 01, 2009

Why 'West Bank settlements' must stop

At The American Thinker Vel Nirtist calls on President Obama to at least be consistent.
Having a legitimate title is one thing, but being cognizant of the "facts on the ground," the fact of heavy Arab presence in the West bank is another -- and time and again, the Israelis were willing to negotiate, compromise, share the land. Somehow, this willingness got translated into a bizarre notion that the West Bank is Arab by right, and that the only solution to the conflict is for the Israelis to withdraw. "Illegal Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian land which prevent the solution of Arab-Israeli conflict" became an integral part of the political discourse. Hence, the desire to remove those "barriers to peace," stifling their growth as demanded by President Obama through Secretary Clinton being the first step in that process.

But, Mr. President, the factual premise of your demand is simply wrong. In fact, there are two sides, Israelis and Palestinians, building in the disputed West bank. If you do indeed believe that creating "facts on the ground" in the West bank is an obstacle to negotiated peace, than indeed demand the end to all settlement activity in that disputed land until negotiations resolve the entire dispute - and the word "all" means that Palestinian settlement activity in the West bank, "natural growth" including, must be stopped, too.
Nirtist is right, but his view will never be accepted. The world has convinced itself that the 'solution' to the 'Palestinian problem' is 'obvious.' And the fact that two American Presidents (Clinton and Bush 43) failed to reach it isn't going to change anyone's mind about that.

Read the whole thing.


At 2:21 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The world has been conditioned to see Israel as the bad guy. And the bad guy should get no reward for being a bad guy. The logic is obvious and straightforward. Israel's failure to assert her rights to Yesha and acceptance of the Arab narrative has strengthened the view that Israel needs to compensate the Arab victim for a history of aggression and conquest. The historical truth is the exact opposite. Good luck on Israel getting a fair hearing for its "West Bank" claims today.


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