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Monday, June 22, 2009

Ruh roh: Terrorists could gain access to Iranian nuke know how?

The source for this story is DEBKA, but you don't really need any 'special sources' to figure out that this is a potential problem. Just look at what's been going on in Pakistan for the last several months.
Iran has accumulated a mountain of nuclear data and a large staff of scientists working inter alia on enriched uranium. Facing opposition in Pakistan, al Qaeda might find Iran a tempting proposition. Its tacticians have long shown an aptitude for operational opportunism; more than once they managed to about-turn and relocate jihadi manpower to new arenas more rapidly than the transfer of Western forces.

This situation has a nightmarish precedent. After the collapse of the Soviet empire in the early 90s, it later transpired that at least 12 nuclear cruise missiles and four Kh-55 nuclear warheads were stolen from the Russian stockpile in the Ukraine and reached the hands of Iran and China who copied their nuclear technology. And scores of "nuclear suitcases" designed as tactical weapons for Russian special forces vanished and were never traced.

Iran lacks nuclear products of this level of sophistication but it has accumulated a large quantity of enriched uranium and valuable prototypes of nuclear devices and warheads, ballistic missiles and a great deal of know-how for making "dirty bombs." In a breakdown of order in Iran, those scientists may well decide to take off and peddle their nuclear trove to the highest bidder. The strained relations between the Islamic regime and Washington have made it impossible for the administration to access any leading Iranian official to help prevent Iran's nuclear resources from reaching the wrong hands.
The concern makes sense right down to the last sentence. But the last sentence makes no sense: What about Ali Reza Asghari?


At 7:59 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

What should be of more concern is Iran deliberately transferring its nuclear know how into the hands of terrorists or other hostile countries. If the regime is going to go down, all incentives for it to show moderation and restraint also disappear.

Its the ultimate nightmare scenario.


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