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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The 'Palestinian' love affair with Obama

The Jerusalem Post's Khaled Abu Toameh reports that the 'Palestinian Authority' is just tickled pink with the Obama White House.
"For the first time in many years, we are hearing different voices coming out of the White House," said a senior aide to Abbas. "We hope that the US administration will follow up on its statements with deeds on the ground."

Asked what he meant by "deeds on the ground," the official explained: "Everyone knows that the US is the only country in the world that can impose its will on Israel. Obama has the means and power to force Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders, including Jerusalem, and to dismantle all the Jewish settlements."

A PA cabinet minister told The Jerusalem Post that he was following "with deep satisfaction" news about the deepening crisis between the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the Obama administration.

"Looks like we finally have a friend in the White House who is sympathetic to the Arab cause," he said. "President Abbas returned from Washington with a good feeling, and we believe there is room for optimism."

Nabil Abu Rudaineh, spokesman for the PA president, said the Palestinians were particularly "encouraged" by Obama's apparent decision to abandon promises that former US president George W. Bush made to Israel, especially regarding the future of the settlements in the West Bank.

Pointing out that Bush had permitted Israel to continue construction in major settlement blocs that are to remain under Israeli control in any final deal with the Palestinians, such as Gush Etzion, Abu Rudaineh said: "Bush's promises were illegitimate and in violation of the road map and United Nations resolutions pertaining to the Middle East conflict."
It sounds like the PA believes that Samantha Power is the President, doesn't it?

Notice something else. When there's an American President who's seen as pro-Israel (like President Bush), the cries go out here that we should 'make compromises' while we have a friend in power because it's our best chance of reaching an agreement at the lowest possible price. But the 'Palestinians' view a pro-'Palestinian' President in power as being their chance to extract the same uncompromising 'settlement' they have wanted all along. Israel uses a President who favors it as a means of reaching a compromise, while the 'Palestinians' hope to use a President who favors them as a club with which to pound Israel.

That ought to tell you all you need to know about who is responsible for the continuing conflict.

Alas, someone needs to explain to the 'Palestinians' that under the American system there are some limitations to the President's ability to dictate policy. We've already heard rumblings of a backlash over Obama's overly pro-'Palestinian' position. Those rumblings are likely to get louder if President Obama continues on his present course.

By the way, Bush's promises were quite legitimate. Israel didn't sign onto the 'road map' until it got them. They are part and parcel of the 'road map.'


At 7:12 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

As I said, its a package deal. The US drops its road map commitments, Israel does not have to proceed along the road map. It is not a suicide pact and Obama and the Palestinians need to be made to understand Israel is not going to commit national suicide for them.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger colin nelson said...

Unfortunately most people do not know who Samantha Power is nor are they familiar with the entire gang of idiots who 'advise' BHO on things middle east. They need to be exposed and soon.


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