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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Obama's subtle equation between Jews and Nazis

In an earlier post, I pointed out the moral equation created by President Obama's back-to-back visits later this week to Buchenwald and Dresden. Melanie Phillips goes a step further and points out that what Obama may be attempting to do is to turn Jewish efforts at self-defense into Nazism.
What is also highly troubling about Obama’s imminent trip is not just his speech in Cairo but where he is going after that. For his next stop is Buchenwald – and straight after that, Dresden. Dresden? Why on earth Dresden of all places? One reason only, surely. The symbolism is unmistakeable – the site of the most controversial Allied bombing of World War Two. It looks horribly like Obama intends to make a symbolic statement of reproach for that event – just to go there makes the point, without even saying anything -- and even worse, to make some kind of equation with the slaughter at Buchenwald. One holocaust doesn't deserve another, would seem to be the unspoken message, would it not? Or to put it another way, if Jews defend themselves by military means, they turn into Nazis.

In the light of Iran’s genocidal threats against Israel and the nuclear weapons that Obama is giving it the time to assemble to make good those threats, such symbolism would be unspeakable – and another feather of western defeatism for a gloating Iran to stick in its cap.
Read it all.

The anti-Semitic cartoon above came from the Arab media during the 2008 American election campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth than to say that Obama is in the Jews' pocket, eh?


At 7:07 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

If anything, Obama is in the Arabs' pocket. To him, they can do no wrong.

Hopenchange, anyone?

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Editor said...

subtle-- maybe too subtle


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