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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama lied to get elected

The shocker here is not that Obama lied to get elected. Nearly every politician does, although one would have to go back to Bill Clinton to find a president who lied so brazenly. What's shocking is that 78% of American Jews were taken in by the lies. We Jews joke about how smart we are. This time, 78% of us were awfully dumb.

Jennifer Rubin shows just how dumb we were. She compares President Obama's pronouncements to AIPAC in 2007 and 2008 to his apologia in Cairo two weeks ago. Here are her conclusions.
Is there any doubt that had he said that in 2007 or 2008 he would have been greeted with catcalls and boos? In 2008 he sounded serious and committed to stopping the Iranian nuclear threat and was candid about the nature of the regime. In Cairo, all that was gone. Nary a direct word of criticism of the Iranian regime (Holocaust denial was never tied to the Iranians and was covered in a separate section of his address). In 2008 he was telling Iran it would have no nuclear capability; in 2009 he was declaring no country could tell Iran it couldn’t have a nuclear capability. A complete reversal in tone and substance.

In 2008 2007 there was no mention of settlements. None. But he did have this to say about his approach to Israel:
But in the end, we also know that we should never seek to dictate what is best for the Israelis and their security interests. No Israeli Prime Minister should ever feel dragged to or blocked from the negotiating table by the United States.
In 2008: “The United States must be a strong and consistent partner in this process — not to force concessions, but to help committed partners avoid stalemate and the kind of vacuums that are filled by violence. That’s what I commit to do as president of the United States.”

That’s a far cry from Cairo and the interviews before and after in which the president harped on the settlement issue. And in Cairo he lectured Israel:

At the same time, Israelis must acknowledge that just as Israel’s right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine’s. The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop.

So did he change his mind? Well, according to this report in the Washington Post, the Cairo approach represents his long-held views, nursed and developed in his days in Chicago. ( Left unsaid by the Post is the role played by his close friend Rashid Khalidi.) He apparently thought all along that settlements were the end-all and be-all of the Middle East peace process and a way to leverage Israel.
Well, some of us warned you about that, didn't we?

By the way, remember the Rashid Khalidi video that the Los Angeles Times refused to release right before the elections? Amazing how it disappeared from the media after the elections, isn't it?

Just sayin'....

Read the whole thing.


At 8:19 AM, Blogger DemoCaster said...

Nobody likes only being able to say 'I told you so.'

Buy why didn't they listen to our clarion caution?

Presidential Primary Endorsement: Anybody but Obama Joo-Tube Feb 5, 2008

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Alpha3958 said...


At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please don't misunderstand the target of my previous link. It should be the Jewish Obama voters who should metaphorically have their worthless skulls bashed in.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Gary Rosen said...

Where, exactly, does this "78%" number come from? Is it from an unbiased source with no dog in the fight (IOW, *NOT* the MSM)? I have no doubt a decisive majority of American Jews voted for BO. But the numbers I heard during the campaign were more like 60-65%, a large majority to be sure but well under what Democrats typically get. Don't tell me "exit polls" without more detail. Didn't exit polls elect Kerry in 2004?

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Gary Rosen said...

Where, exactly, does this "78%" number come from? Is it from an unbiased source with no dog in the fight (IOW, *NOT* the MSM)? I have no doubt a decisive majority of American Jews voted for BO. But the numbers I heard during the campaign were more like 60-65%, a large majority to be sure but well under what Democrats typically get. Don't tell me "exit polls" without more detail. Didn't exit polls elect Kerry in 2004?

At 10:33 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Obama never hid his real views from the American people. The MSM just did a very effective job of making him look like a moderate by not picking up all his radical views. Without them, he wouldn't have gotten to where he is today.

Hopenchange, anyone?

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Ashan said...

The MSM has been acting as a shield for Hussein from the get-go. They were so afflicted by Bush Derangement Syndrome that they felt tingles up their leg across the board. The voting public was not permitted to come to any rational conclusion about Hussein because they were spoon-fed lies and told what to think by the adoring media. His dangerous connections, his hidden records, his preachy faux-oratory, his lack of real, qualifying experience, and the constant bullying and lies by his handlers, henchmen and the MSM to protect him should have been a giveaway to everyone, much less Jewish voters. This man should never have even come close to the presidency, much less be the president. America, and the world, will now pay dearly for its stupidity and deafness.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was present when orating Obama attempted to dupe the (Jewish) AIPAC '08 Conventioneers.

In contradiction to the candidate's history - (Wright, Kalidi, Mansour, etc - which was not difficult to ascertain - taking one's attention away from self-aggrandizement for a few minutes) the audience swallowed his demagoguery hook, line, and sinker. No additional media spin needed.

By June 4, 08, these people were swept away by the media frenzy - they sought to believe in him to be their redeemer (goalenu) - and to fit themselves in with the crowd, not to stand out, and prove to themselves that they are noble. It isn't just that they didn't know - they didn't WANT to know anything that might put them out of social step.

Now Obama uses a similar dynamic for summoning justice for the Palestinian people - who've exploited the Jewish stereotype of greedy Jewish colonialists. (And who is working to replace THAT image with a better one)?

He played upon white guilt to such an extent that people pre-empted their own ordinary skepticism - not to challenge him. Do you remember how the Boca shul questioner was reviled?

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Mike Dugas said...

Many of us here were literally screaming to American Jews that he was lying to them. There's no way you sit for 20 years in the church pews of an antisemitic church and listen to the hate filled rantings of an antisemitic preacher and then pop up on Israels side all of a sudden. Common sense people. I have never understood the attraction of the Democrat Party to Jews in this country. For such a morally centered people to accept such a morally corrupt political party is confusing to say the least. And I am speaking to the Democrats morally bankrupt platform and ideology.

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, ALL we got is exit polls, so that is what we work with. I assume they ASK the voter if he is Jewish. Anyone know?

In my Ortho shul, about 25% voted for BHO. Shocking. My friend's LARGE Reform congregation (Steven Weiss in LA) thought BHO was FDR and voted 90% plus Democrat.

Secular Jews vote Dem reflexively because the party and FDR was their parents religion after WWII. They oppose the religious right, saying the RR "controls" the GOP. It takes time to break old perceptions and (bad) habits.

You don't sit in an antiAmerican, antiJewish, antiwhite, proArab, "proNation of Islam" black church on Chicago's south-side for 20 years without getting the virus. That should have disqualified him from ANY office in the mind of any thinking person. Being a "community organizer" (read Socialist/Communist) was the finisher.

This guy was so obviously bad for America, freedom, enslaved people throughout the world, Israel and Jews that any blind person could have seen it. We Jews CAN'T be so smart if we vote for such an idiot, so the premise of this post: "78% of the smartest people in the world voted for him" is clearly WRONG. The only groups who voted in higher rates for BHO were Muslims and Blacks. Clearly, we Jews are sometimes more stubborn than we are smart.

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, DUH!


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