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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama the ideologue

Although he came into office claiming to be a 'realist,' Caroline Glick has concluded that Barack Hussein Obama is an ideologue of the worst kind.
So if Obama's foreign policy has already failed or is in the process of failing throughout the world, why is he refusing to reassess it? Why, with blood running through the streets of Iran, is he still interested in appeasing the mullahs? Why, with Venezuela threatening to invade Honduras for Zelaya, is he siding with Zelaya against Honduran democrats? Why, with the Palestinians refusing to accept the Jewish people's right to self-determination, is he seeking to expel some 500,000 Jews from their homes in the interest of appeasing the Palestinians? Why, with North Korea threatening to attack the US with ballistic missiles, is he refusing to order the USS John McCain to interdict the suspected North Korean missile ship it has been trailing for the past two weeks? Why, when the Sudanese government continues to sponsor the murder of Darfuris, is the administration claiming that the genocide in Darfur has ended?

The only reasonable answer to all of these questions is that far from being nonideological, Obama's foreign policy is the most ideologically driven since Carter's tenure in office. If when Obama came into office there was a question about whether he was a foreign policy pragmatist or an ideologue, his behavior in his first six months in office has dispelled all doubt. Obama is moved by a radical, anti-American ideology that motivates him to dismiss the importance of democracy and side with anti-American dictators against US allies.

For his efforts, although he is causing the US to fail to secure its aims as he himself has defined them in arena after arena, he is successfully securing the support of the most radical, extreme leftist factions in American politics.

Like Carter before him, Obama may succeed for a time in evading public scrutiny for his foreign-policy failures because the public will be too concerned with his domestic failures to notice them. But in the end, his slavish devotion to his radical ideological agenda will ensure that his failures reach a critical mass.

And then they will sink him.
Unfortunately, they won't sink him quickly enough. We are stuck with President Obumbler until January 20, 2013. History does not stop because the occupant of the White House is determined to abandon each and every one of America's allies.

But Obama thinks he is winning. If he is, that is a pyrhic win at best.

'Twas a famous victory.


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are stuck with President Obumbler until January 20, 2013.

There's always the tried and true Pulsa D'nurah.

I'm just sayin'.

At 3:03 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Shy Guy, I do think that's called for. The last two Israeli Prime Ministers dismissed their contempt of G-d to their own regret. If Obama should choose to do the same, it will be upon his head. I wouldn't dismiss the rabbis who would invoke it casually.



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