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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carter calls on Obama to embrace Hamas

America's worst ex-President was in Gaza on Tuesday, where he called on his competitor for the title of America's worst President to engage with the Hamas terror organization.
Former President Jimmy Carter will urge the Obama administration to remove Hamas from the terrorist list, FOX News has learned.

Carter, a chief defender of the U.S.-designated terror group, said Tuesday he will meet with officials in the Obama administration in two days to discuss his latest trip to the Middle East.


Carter was granted special waivers by the U.S. Secret Service allowing him to enter Gaza. Employees of the U.S. executive branch are not allowed into the strip since a roadside bomb killed three U.S. security personnel in 2003.


Carter said he feels personally responsible that American weapons were used to fight in Gaza Strip last year, when Israeli Defense Forces entered the strip to stop the launch of rockets from there into Israel.
Maybe Carter should go ask Hamas to beat him. I hear they're real good at that.

Israel Radio reported this morning that Carter was carrying an oral message from President Obama and that he will be conveying Hamas' response when he meets the President later this week.

Carter had a lot more to say while he was in Gaza.
Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were being treated "more like animals than human beings" by Israeli rules that have limited travel, banned the import of all but basic goods and prevented reconstruction since a three-week war ended earlier this year.

"Never before in history has a large community been savaged by bombs and missiles and then deprived of the means to repair itself," he said.

Carter called the situation "a terrible human rights crime," noting that the restrictions force people to rely on smugglers for many items.

"This abuse must cease. The crimes must be investigated. The wall must be brought down, and the basic right of freedom must come to you," he said at a United Nations school during a visit to Gaza that included meetings with top officials of the Islamist Hamas group, which holds power in the area.
I wonder if we can tie Carter on a roof in Sderot and let him watch the rockets' red glare and the bombs bursting in mid-air if God forbid the blockade in Gaza is lifted.

There was also allegedly an attempt on Carter's life in Gaza on Tuesday. But there seems to be some dispute as to who made the attempt and who stopped it. This is from Arutz Sheva (Israel National News).
The Israeli Maariv newspaper quoted an unnamed "Palestinian security source" as saying that Hamas militiamen neutralized two explosive devices placed along the route Carter's motorcade was to travel in northern Gaza. The bombs were reportedly placed near the Erez Crossing after Carter had already passed through, indicating an intention to strike at the former U.S. president on his way out of Gaza. The newspaper claimed that Hamas sappers and other security forces responded to the scene and eliminated the threat.

Contradicting the Maariv report, however, a spokesman for the Hamas police force in Gaza said that his forces found no bombs along the route to Erez Crossing. Islam Shahwan confirmed that there was a brief suspicion of explosive devices placed along Carter's travel route, but insisted that a sweep of the area turned up no security breaches.

Maariv quoted sources among Carter's associates as saying that Hamas updated them about the explosives and offered guidance to the American delegation. The newspaper added that an al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Gaza was responsible for the attempted assassination. Jihadist websites initially seemed to confirm the Ma'ariv story, including supposed "eyewitness" accounts of the discovery and neutralization of two bombs.
National Post of Canada has a different account:
The DEBKA Web site claimed there was only one device of about 200 kilograms and Israeli military had watched from across the border as it was manoeuvred into place at the Erez border crossing.

Israeli security sources also said that the Shin Bet, the Israel security agency, had learned of plans to target Mr. Carter and had passed on the information to the former president's security detail in "real time."

In Gaza, Ismail Shahwan, spokesman for the Hamas Ministry of the Interior, denied the reports of any bombing attempt by an al-Qaeda group.

He said no explosives were discovered near the border crossing and the visit went according to plan.
Yes, that's the same Ismail Shahwan - he apparently changed his mind later in the day. But for the real story, you have to go Ace.

Israel Security Saves Jimmy Carter From Assassination Attempt By Palestinians

Sounds about right. The headline credits Hamas for actually removing the bombs, but it was Israeli security who got the intelligence and passed it on.

Jimmy Carter immediately thanked Israelis by calling them "insidiously cunning" and "ruthlessly, even demonically, crafty." He then went back to reading a book by Holocaust denier David Irving, calling it "the feel-good rollercoaster ride of the summer."

No, but really, he did assert Hamas "wants peace" and otherwise flatter his terrorist hosts.
He has such a way with words....


At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a special place in hell for carter...right next to me...where i will spend eternity, kicking the crap out of this disgusting piece of human filth

he is totally responsible for the mess that is currently the middle east

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Eliyahu in Shilo said...

"I wonder if we can tie Carter on a roof in Sderot and let him watch the rockets' red glare and the bombs bursting in mid-air if God forbid the blockade in Gaza is lifted."

Carl, thats a great idea. I keep hoping one of the groups (Hizbollah or Hamas) that he meets with will 'get religion' and make one of there famous beheading videos.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Why Israel felt compelled to save the life of a vicious anti-Semite, I will never understand. What would have been wrong, if Dhimmi Carter had gotten his just desserts? Seems to me to be a case of no good deed goes unrewarded.

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

There's a lot of truth in what bacci40 said. And the vast majority of the American people have forgotten what a catastrophe Carter's administration was, both domestically and in foreign affairs.

But for the thinking person, Jimmy Carter has a purpose, or genuine significance. He is an accurate reflection of modern Western liberalism in general, American liberalism specifically and most especially the intellectual and moral rot at the core of today's Democratic Party.

The party of FDR and Truman has degenerated and is now the party of Obama, Carter, the Clintons, Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.

At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

captain h,

i have to disagree.

many hide their hatred of jews behind a liberal mantle, but it doesnt make them any less of a jew hater or anymore of a liberal

and neither fdr or truman were great friends to the jew

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...


My point is that in America, as contrasted with for example Europe, you hear and see far less anti-Semitism in general or anti-Israel stuff.

Where you do see this in America is on the liberal side of the aisle, basically by self-identified Democrats and Democratic politicians, esp. in Congress.

And the further left you look, the more of it you see.

Where you don't see it is with moderate and conservative Americans, evangelical Christians, Republicans, particularly Republicans in Congress.

And BTW, wasn't it President Harry Truman who, against much State Dept. pressure, ordered the diplomatic recognition of the State of Israel by the United States?

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Also, I recommend reading "European Left Is More Dangerous for Jews than the European Right", at the Brussels Journal. The Brussels Journal is an excellent source for rational, well-written non-Leftist articles and essays by Eurpoeans.


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