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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Victor Davis Hanson: The wages of moral equivalence

Unfortunately, I believe that Victor Davis Hanson has got it exactly right:
Once U.S. foreign policy is based on moral equivalence — that a Western democratic state is about the same as an undemocratic, radical authoritarian entity that embraces terrorism as a tool of state policy — then anything is possible, from calling for Israeli nuclear disarmament as part of an Iranian deal, to pretending that a Hamas ten-year truce is something other than a decade of chest-thumping before the final assault.

Given the fact that the vast majority of American Jews voted for Obama — despite clear indications that he would embrace radical changes in U.S. policy toward Israel — the politics of what is to come will be as fascinating as they will be tragic.

And given the Obama method of grandly professing the opposite of the reality that will soon follow (most ethical administration nominees in history lead to Geithner, Richardson, Daschle, Solis, etc.; no desire to interfere in the private sector means near nationalization of the banking, car, and soon health-care industries; commitment to public campaign financing equals first candidate to reject it in the general election; strong desire for fiscal sobriety translates into a $1.7 trillion annual deficit; Bush shredding the Constitution means adoption of Bush's wiretaps, email intercepts, Predator attacks, Patriot Act, Iraq plan, renditions, etc., and on and on), the tell-tale sign of the final U.S. break with Israel will be a dramatic Obama hope-and-change declaration that "our historic commitment to Israel will remain unchanged."

When we hear that, we know exactly what follows . . .
Read the whole thing.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

There's nothing new in what Victor Davis Hanson writes. 3,000 years ago, the Psalmist wrote that those who are wont to do evil speak with a sweet tongue to entrap the innocent and lead them to their doom. The lesson of the Psalmist is clear: G-d hates the man of deceit and bloodshed and says he should be destroyed. For you shall fear Him and do right under heaven all the days of your life.


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