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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The SS Moonbat sinks

I'm sure that you'll all be saddened to hear that the SS Moonbat sank in rough weather off Cyprus on Monday.
A boat used by the leftist "Free Gaza" organization to challenge Israel's sovereignty over Gaza waters capsized on Monday. The ship, Dignity, was used “to protest the embargo” imposed by the IDF as a means of preventing Hamas terrorists from importing weaponry.

The group’s spokesperson, Ramzi Kysia, said that the 66-foot (20 meter) length boat capsized due to poor weather conditions. He added that he does not suspect that the boat was sabotaged in any way.

On December 29, two days after the IDF launched its counterterrorist Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the Dignity set out from Cyprus, heading for the war zone with the stated mission of attempting to deliver 3.5 tons of medical supplies to its residents.

The boat was forced to turn back after a confrontation with Israeli naval vessels off the coast of Gaza. The movement claimed that Israeli warships rammed their vessel, and then fired machine guns in the water, a charged that Israel denied.

Israeli officials said the boat failed to respond to Israeli naval radio contact and attempted to avoid the warships while entering a closed military area. A representative of Free Gaza at the time stated that the boat managed to return to Cyprus, with slight damage.

Since the incident, only superficial repairs were made to the boat, according to Kysia, who explained that repairs had been held up because negotiations with an Egyptian shipper had not been completed by the time the boat set sail.
I have a little song for you in honor of the occasion. Let's go to the videotape.


At 4:58 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I always thought they were loopy. A more fitting present for Israel-hating moonbats couldn't be imagined.



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