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Friday, May 22, 2009

Krauthammer on Iran's missile test

This is Charles Krauthammer's comment on Iran's test of a missile that can hit Israel and Europe. The test took place earlier this week.
Well, the timing is interesting. I think, in part, it's Iran just continuing a program in which it wants to overhaul the region. It's showing how it is advancing unrelentingly on the technology of the weaponry, the nukes themselves, and, here, the means of delivery.

But secondly, it has to deal with the launching of the Iranian presidential campaign. The president of Iran, who is running against moderates, is making a statement in a case here…. He is making — the moderates arguing against him that all of these provocative measures in the past and now would threaten relations with the world and isolate Iran.

And what does he say? Look what's happened. I did all of these measures advancing our program, ignoring and provoking America, and what do we get in return? An administration with an outstretched hand that's going to open negotiations and wants to relieve our isolation.

So he says that the program I supported of aggressiveness and not stopping in the face of criticism abroad is giving us, a, a program of nukes, and, b, acceptance in the world and acquiescence by the United States.

It is quite an argument, and this is a punctuation mark on that argument.
Actually it's the same argument Hamas has made for continuing terror coming out of Gaza. 'We fired Kassam rockets indiscriminately and what did we get in return? The Israelis withdrew from Gaza, Fatah is running all over trying to 'reconcile' with us and the world is pushing Israel more than ever to give the 'Palestinians' a state.

And in a way it sums up what the West doesn't get about how Islamic terror works. The more you coddle it, the more they see it as the terror working and the more the terror will increase. The Islamists see an outstretched hand as proof that their tactics are working. And unfortunately, they're right. An outstretched hand to the clenched fists of Iran, Hezbullah and Hamas just brings more terror, not less.


At 4:19 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Appeasement never works. One would think after everything people learned about the 1930s, is that dictators cannot be deflected from their goals. The West is going to learn the hard way that Iran is going to do whatever takes to get the bomb and use it. That is the true significance of Iran's missile test.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger oxothnk said...

I agree that appeasement never works, but I fear that the West isn't going to learn. Perhaps equally unfortunate is that this inability to learn is a conscious choice. Evan Sayet gives a FANTASTIC speach about the modern Liberal mindset here. I highly recommend it but include a warning: you may be less hopeful for America after watching.

At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont know what Israel is waiting for, obama is never going to act against iran. Israel needs to protect itself and do it soon.


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