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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Khaled Meshaal's Emily Latella moment

I'm sure all of you remember 'Emily Latella' from Saturday Night Live. I'll entertain you at the end of this post by adding a clip, but I wanted to let you know about this story in the meantime.

The New York Times reported yesterday that Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal told them during a lengthy interview that his organization had put a stop to rocket and mortar fire on Israel from the Gaza Strip. This morning, as if on cue, three rounds of mortar fire hit the Western Negev. Hamas proudly took responsibility for them.
Three mortar shells exploded near the security barrier adjacent to the Sha’ar HaNegev region. The Gaza Belt community of Sderot, which has been a frequent target of terror rocket attacks, is located in the area.

No one was injured and no damage was reported in the attack. Israel did not immediately respond.

It was the second mortar attack in less than a week, as Arab terrorists in the region slowly begin to resume their routine of launching Kassam rockets and mortar shells at southern Israeli civilians – a practice that had become a daily affair until several weeks after the December 2008 Operation Cast Lead campaign ended.
Meshaal now says that the Times misquoted him:
On Wednesday, Mashaal firmly denied The New York Times report. Speaking in Arabic, he declared that the shelling of Israeli communities was the answer to claims made in the article. According to a report broadcast on Voice of Israel government radio, Mashaal also said the terror group had previously stopped shooting simply because it was "not in the interest" of the Arabs.
In other words:


At 3:51 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - I'm shocked - did people think a terrorist leader wouldn't lie? As much credibility can be placed in Khaled Meshaal's vow to stop firing rockets on Israel as they can be placed in his vow to honor a 10 year hudna with Israel. Hamas' aggression against Israel shows up the worthlessness of its purported assurances about living with a two state solution.

Emily Latella moment, indeed.



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