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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Groan: 79% of American Jewry Delusional moonbats support Obama

He's stringing us out on Iran, he's ready to force us to give the 'Palestinians' a reichlet from which to murder us, and yet 79% of American Jews still support Barack Hussein Obama. He only scores higher with Muslims. Even 45% of those calling themselves 'Jewish conservatives' (as opposed to 'conservative Jews' who probably support him in even higher numbers) support him.
Tracking polls conducted through Obama's first 100 days in office show that 79 percent of Jews approve of Obama's performance so far, about the same percentage that voted for him last November.

Only Muslims gave Obama higher approval ratings, with 85 percent responding that they approve of the president. Respondents who identified themselves as nonreligious also indicated overwhelming support, with 73% indicating approval.

Liberal Jews showed overwhelming support for the Democratic president, with 96% approving of his job performance. Among those who described themselves as moderate, 77% approved of Obama.
I'm glad I skipped breakfast this morning.


At 8:56 AM, Blogger pelsar said...

I doubt its going to change....there is a bizarre, non rational fear of the conservative movement.....at least so i've discovered. Even as Obama sells out on democratic values to "be liked" and endangers societies, communities, people who believe in democracies, civil rights and a single value system, they still wont get it.... its more of an emotional decision.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Daniel Greenfield said...

I'd like to see sources for these polls first

the media lately has a bad habit of skewing obama polls

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Sultan Knish,

Yes, that's been true of Gallup, and I would have found the poll more reliable had it come from Rasmussen. Still, you'd have to do an awful lot of skewing for the real number not to be positive.

I don't understand how people can be so blind.

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Naftali2 said...

To oversimplify things, American Jews haven't heard of Mark Steyn while they have heard too much of Pat Buchanan. FDR is a hero, Milton Friedman never did stand up comedy. And the poll numbers do not at all indicate the truth, which is that everyone is frightened and they don't know what to do. Stockholm Syndrome lite.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am sure if you interview lots of liberal jews in NY, you are going to come out with numbers like that.

Interview some of us out in the American heartland ... you might come to an entirely different conclusion.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

American Jews are leftist before they are Jewish so the poll results don't surprise me. I would guess the 21% who didn't vote for the One are nearly all Orthodox. There's a definite correlation these days between one's Jewish faith commitment and support for Israel. I happen to believe strength of belief matters more in the long run than the matter of overwhelming numbers. That's how the Jews survived for thousands of years through two dispersions in a hostile world. That 21% is going to become more significant over the next century.

At 11:35 PM, Blogger Freedom Fighter said...

I wouldn't sweat it, Carl.

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Yes, it amazed me that the traditional overwhelming majority of Jewish Americans voted for Obama. This notwithstanding the anti-Semitism of Obama's 20 yr. Rev. Wright, his ties to Weathermen terrorists, to Farrakhan, Sharpton, to many other individuals and groups who are outright anti-Semitic and no friends of Israel.

Not to single out Jewish Americans. The other usual brainwashed groups-blacks, so-called feminists, ethnic groups the Democrats have courted and brainwashed for decades.

All these people wouldn't vote for a Republican if Satan himself were the Democrat candidate. "Well, Satan has gotten a lot of bad press" ... "Well, if Satan's elected, he'll be tempered by Congress and forced to govern as a moderate" ... "Well, Bush did a lot of hellish things". If you think this is hyperbole, just read at the historical and economic ignorance being spouted by so many people.

George W. Bush was a firm friend of Israel, whereas Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of either Jews in general or of Israel in particular. Yet who's despised by the left and the brainwashed center and who's the subject of uncritical adoration and willful looking the other way?

I almost don't want to read the news since Inauguration Day. Every day brings some new outrages, stupidities by Obama & Co., minimized, distorted or ignored by their toadies in the MSM.


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